How to Pass a Urine Drug Test for weed in 24 Hours.

Perhaps you are looking for a job. Maybe you already have a job. Or maybe your parents have decided to spring an unannounced drug test on you. Regardless of the reasons behind it, if you have a urine drug test in 24 hours, you need to act fast if you want to pass it.

Fooling urine drug tests isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. As long as you have the right tools at your disposal, you can pass that test.

Naturally your best defense during a drug test is to be clean. But, this is difficult since urine drug tests can detect use of marijuana up to five days after occasional use and up to three weeks for regular users. Urine tests detect non-active metabolites and while this is not the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana (which is THC), any trace of these metabolites can lead to a positive drug test.

  1. Marijuana : How it is Stored in the Body
  2. Marijuana in the Urine
  3. How Drug Tests Work
  4. At-Home Passing Methods
    1. Water
    2. Exercising
    3. Niacin
    4. Baking Soda
    5. Using Someone Else’s Urine
    6. Alcohol
    7. Vinegar
    8. Creatine
    9. Cranberry Juice
    10. Aspirin
    11. Bleach
    12. Pickle Juice
    13. Sauna
    14. Eye Drops
  5. Guaranteed Results

Marijuana in the Body

Most people consume marijuana by smoking it. Smoked marijuana moves down the windpipe into the lungs, where it then moves through the lung’s air sacks and enters the bloodstream. THC, the most powerful chemical in marijuana, is absorbed by fat cells and tissue as it moves throughout the bloodstream.

Depending on the person, it can take one week to one month for all the chemical traces of just one marijuana cigarette to leave the body. How long the THC stays in your body also depends on your overall health and the potency of the drugs. THC in your system soon is naturally broken down into metabolites, although it can take a long time.

As more marijuana is smoked, the THC builds up in the fat cells and takes even longer to fully leave the body; it can take chronic, repetitive users up to three months to fully get the THC out of their bodies. That can be bad news when most drug tests are ordered to take place within a few days, not a few months.

Marijuana in the Urine

THC residue gradually breaks down from your blood stream into metabolites as you drink fluids, exercise, and just go through normal life. THC exits the body through the feces and urine, which is why urine samples are the drug test of choice when testing for marijuana and other similar drugs.

How Drug Tests Work

Urine tests account for more than 90% of all drug tests in the U.S. because they tend to be the most effective and some of the simplest to administer. Urine tests measure the amount metabolites (or processed THC) in your system.

The typical cutoff for a negative drug test is 50 ng/mL, which is the level an occasional marijuana user can naturally reach within 4-7 days of taking drugs. Most samples are tested at least twice using different processes. If the sample is positive or if there are difficulties with the reading, additional screenings or a new sample may be required.

At-Home Passing Methods

If learning about urine samples is causing you stress, don’t worry. You’re in luck—there are a number of methods that can help you pass a urine drug test. Although none of these methods are foolproof and their success depends largely on your size, overall health, and drug consumption levels, you can try a few to see what works best with your system.


Known as flushing, this is definitely the least expensive and one of the easiest methods to pass a urine drug test. Water is a natural start to the detoxification process and dilutes the amount of drug residue in your urine sample. It is also untraceable in a urine test. Starting two days or more before your test, drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.

For best results, sip the water instead of chugging it all in one sitting. And while it may be tempting to drink even more water to make sure your system is completely detoxed, drinking too much water can hurt your internal organs and your test results. If your urine is determined too diluted to test, you may be called in for another drug test.


Another natural way to detox your body is through exercise. As you exercise, your increased metabolism pushes the detoxification process along and breaks down the fat cells where THC is stored. Sweating rids your body of all sorts of toxins and can help get rid of drug residue faster than just peeing it out.

Be careful not to overdue it by exercising on the day of your test; for best results, exercise regularly up until the day of the test, but not on the actual day. Exercising actually detoxes your body, so it isn’t traceable in a urine test.


Niacin, or vitamin B3, is sold as a weight-loss pill and is available over the counter at many supplement stores. Simply take two pills a day starting two days before your test. Niacin enlarges blood vessels and makes the blood stream more water soluble, which helps process and detox the body faster. However, it can occasionally be detected in test results, isn’t always effective, and can have serious side effects, including vomiting, fainting, and liver damage.

Baking Soda

With this method, mix three to five tablespoons with a large glass of water and drink two to three hours before taking your test. Baking soda is incredibly inexpensive and works to mask the pH imbalances in urine that are caused by THC output. However, very unusual pH levels can be grounds for an additional test. Baking soda can cause very unpleasant side effects and isn’t reliably effective.

Using Someone Else’s Urine

This might be the simplest solution in theory, but putting into practice is another story. If your test is taken at home, you can simply recruit a drug-free friend to submit a sample for you. If the test is taken at your office or in a laboratory, you’ll have to sneak in a small sample of someone else’s urine.

Urine samples can come from family and friends and can even be purchased on the Internet. Although you have a higher risk of getting caught, this method can regularly beat the lab results if you can effectively sneak in the urine.


Drinking alcohol is a way to speed up the detoxification process by encouraging more water to leave your body. Drink one to two beers or glasses of wine in the few days leading up to your drug test. The test will likely recognize the alcohol in your system, so this method is only effective on tests that don’t measure alcohol levels. It will also only help with THC that is in your bloodstream, not the THC that has already accumulated in your fat cells and tissues.


Because vinegar is an acid, it can help break down the digestive system and rid your body of toxins and chemicals like THC. Most people combine vinegar with a small amount of lemon juice or cayenne pepper to mask the taste. Take a few servings of vinegar in the two days leading up to your test. Vinegar can change the pH levels of your urine and may necessitate another test. It can also be very harmful to your system when consumed in large amounts.


Body building supplement creatine is available over the counter at most supplement stores. It works to speed up the flushing process and to cover the fact that your urine may be diluted from drinking so much water. Dosage amounts depend on your size, but most people take 100mg a day for the two to three days leading up to the test. It is debatably effective and in most cases can’t be noticed in the urine sample.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry contains ingredients that naturally flush your body of excess water and sodium. Cranberry is a natural diuretic. Although this method is not entirely effective on its own, it can be useful to combine with other methods to push the detox process along. Drink at least two large glasses of cranberry juice for the two to three days before the test. It won’t be noticeable in the test results.


Take two to four aspirin four to six hours before your test. Aspirin absorbs chemicals as they leave your body, which allows it to absorb many of the metabolites before they make it to your urine sample. You might end up a little lightheaded if you take a larger dosage, but it should help push your test results in the right direction. Aspirin can’t be detected in the sample results.


Bleach can be added to the urine sample to remove metabolites from the urine. The best results come from using bleach crystals and grinding them into the sample, but a few drops of liquid bleach can also work. However, bleach tends to be very noticeable in test results because it can leave behind a film or scent and also changes the pH levels.

Pickle Juice

Some people believe that if you drink large amounts of pickle juice, the acid will kill the THC cells in your urine sample. This would require incredibly large amounts of pickle juice and is hardly ever effective. Most people who try the pickle juice method end up combining a few other methods to increase their chances of passing the test.


Sitting in a sauna raises your body temperature, which causes you to sweat and release toxins and chemicals from your body. This method is best used in combination with other methods, such as exercising and drinking water. To be most effective, sit in the hot sauna for 10-minute increments and take a short break with lots of water in between. Do this for a few days before the test. Because this method doesn’t add anything to your blood stream or urine, it is undetectable in test results.

Eye Drops

Similar to the bleach method, adding a few eye drops or saline solution to a urine sample is believed to cancel out many of the metabolites. To use this method, urinate as usual and then add a few drops and mix in into the sample. This method isn’t always effective. It can occasionally be detected by the lab, but not at the same amount as using the bleach alternative.

Guaranteed Results

No matter how many methods you’ve tried, there’s only one way to truly guarantee the right results, and that is our Fast THC marijuana detox kit. With its extra strong dosage, this kit has a 99.99% success rate and is the only way to make sure all traces of marijuana are out of your system before you take the urine test. Each kit comes with bottle of QCarbo Plus, a pack of Super Boost Tabs, a chewable detox supplement, and a marijuana test device.

The detox kit starts working within 90 minutes of consuming it, and it is effective for up to five hours. Because this kit is made of the best natural ingredients, there will be no sign of the test in your results. To use, drink 20 ounces of water two hours before testing. Wait 20 minutes before drinking the QCarbo Plus and the Super Boost tabs.

Fill the empty bottle with water and drink it two more times every 20 minutes. Using the accompanying kit, urinate two times and check the results. If you aren’t getting the right results, chew the QClean tablet with water, and then wait an hour before taking the test again.

The Fast THC marijuana detox kit is your best and only solution for strong drug test results every time. No matter your body type or how much THC is in your system, when taken properly this kit produces the best untraceable results. With the help of our incredible system, you don’t have to panic when you are called on for a urine drug test.

What people say about it?

For the third time, this kit worked for me. I would not be able to write this review if it hadn't, as I would be in jail. I stopped consuming/breathing toxins a week before using the product(a stark contrast to the multiple times a day kind habit I have had for 9 years). I also weigh 175 lbs, so the drink had its work cut out for it. I drank a LOT of water, ran, and avoided fats for the week, although I did still drink alcohol. I followed the instructions exactly, including not eating that morning and gave my sample on the 3rd pee. About an hour and a half after I finished drinking the drink, my pee was an eerie, neon, yellow color but I was good to go. It appeared to last for another 2 hours or so. I highly recommend this product. (My test was not sent to a lab, it was a simple 7-panel, although it was court ordered.)

I was given notice for a job that I needed to take a drug test Friday after smoking Monday (I'm a moderate user). I went to and crossed my fingers that this would work for THC not just "toxins in your body" and it did! My urine was crazy clear and I passed! Just wanted to share how happy I was with this product for anyone else who may not be given time to "detox" naturally.

I used the 16 oz. the night before as instructed and the used the 20 oz. 5 hours before my physical. I past with flying colors. Awesome

Bought this for my friend who got out of the system. He partied one night and his PO had to pee test him a couple days later. So I ordered and gave it to him. He passed his test and didn't get locked up.

Drug tests are a normal part of life and employment that can cause casual and regular drug users major anxiety. However, there are a variety of ways to pass a test, even with THC still in your system.

Although these methods have varying success rates, they can help in smaller ways. For guaranteed results, turn to a tested detox kit. It only takes a few days and careful planning to pass a drug test and be on your way to the next stage of life.

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