Does Alcohol Detox THC?

Many of us look for an effective way to get marijuana or other traces of drug use out of our system when we find out our boss or parole officer is expecting us to take a surprise drug test. This can cause some panic and quick online research, where there have been some interesting theories that have been developed through multiple online message boards.

One of those theories is that the consumption of alcohol can help you pass a drug test.

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Why does this work?

There are some who believe that drinking will allow the alcohol penetrate the fat issue in your body and help speed up the detoxification process, which will help speed up the process of getting the THC strains out of your body.

While there is plenty of proof that drinking water and exercising is among the most effective processes, there are still some who believe that alcohol – which is known for being able to lower cholesterol when consumed in moderate amounts – will help speed up the process.

It’s also believed that drinking alcohol will effect the anti-diuritic hormone and cause one to have to urinate more often; eventually helping get all of the THC metabolites out of one’s system faster.

What is needed?

Obviously, one would need to purchase alcoholic beverages to perform this process. The cost of the supplies really depends on what type of beverage you are purchasing; and even then, the cost can range depending on brand name and the alcohol by volume.

For example, you are likely going to spend a lot more money for a bottle of cognac when compared to the price you would pay for a 36-pack of American white lager beer. What you decide to consume is fully up to you, and your budget.

How much time the process needs?

It’s believed this could take about a week to work with the belief that the alcohol will speed up the process of urinating more than just drinking water and exercises. It’s still a good idea to drink some water in between beers or glasses of wine while getting some good cardiovascular exercise in.

What are the side effects?

Depending on how much alcohol you consume, you are going to probably going to have difficulty speaking without some type of slur. This can often be combined with drowsiness, some headaches, difficulty seeing and hearing and difficulty making decisions.

For those who drink more than their body can handle, there is an increased chance of suffering from diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pains, difficulty to breathe and possible blackout where the person might not remember what happened while they were under the influence of alcohol.


As one would expect, there are some major concerns. For one, alcohol has been found to do damage to vital organs like the liver when enough is consumed over a long period of time. It’s also no secret that drinking an excess amount of alcohol in a short amount of time impair your basic motor skills and abilities to make sound decisions.

The best course of action is to purchase one of the following items listed below to help pass an upcoming drug test. These products have been clinically tested and proven to work without any of the health concerns or side effects with methods like drinking alcohol.

Does Alcohol Detox THC?
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