What Detox Drinks are the Most Effective for Passing a Drug Test

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Do you need to pass an upcoming drug test? Have you “used” in the past couple of days and require an emergency detox to enable you to pass the test? Detox drinks like detox kits are the best options when it comes to a full system cleansing, ensuring that traces of drug metabolites steer clear of the samples that may be required from you. Drug tests typically require either of the samples: saliva, urine, blood or hair. Here’s what you should know about detox drinks.

How do detox drinks help to pass a drug test

Detox drinks mask the presence of drug metabolites in the system. Drugs such as cocaine, barbiturates, opiates, Marijuana (THC), amphetamines, nicotine, and other drugs are easily absorbed into the body and stored in the fatty tissues due to their high affinity and solubility in fatty layers. It makes these drugs very difficult to be eliminated from the body long after the user had stopped using these drugs. Detox drinks are quick remedies that provide a distortion in chemical compositions of bodily fluids, making these toxins undetectable. There are two main types of detox drinks, classified according to their mechanism of action;

Same day Detox drinks

Same day cleansers are detoxification drinks that offer a temporary solution for passing an urgent urine drug test, usually within 24 hours. This solution becomes ineffective after a few hours so one must study the instructions before taking them. These categories of detox drink act on the kidney as well as the urinary tract where urine travels through in order to neutralize and flush metabolites of THC in the system.

Permanent Detox Drinks

Those people who may prefer a more reliable and permanent solution to passing multiple drug tests at different days or hours of the day may want to go for a more lasting detox option. This is why permanent detox drinks are the best options. It completely removes metabolite toxins from the body utilizing a cleansing formula, herbal treatment, and a healthy detox diet menu that ensures the complete breakdown and elimination of toxins from the body.

Best Detox Drinks

There are a good number of detox drinks in the market today; some are quite effective while some are not. Sieving through the pile of products in the market in order to pick out the best may be quite a challenge especially when you have an upcoming drug test for a job interview. We have taken the liberty to provide a review of our top 5 best detox drinks;

QCarbo 20 with Booster

QCarbo 20

This product comes with a variety of essential herbs, vitamins, and minerals with two great flavors to choose from. QCarbo 20 is designed to flush out metabolites from the bladder and urinary tract, providing you with a clean urine sample, free of toxins. This product is recommended for heavy users who may have used very recently. QCarbo 20 is not only a detox drink but also a healthy multivitamin with 3 delicious flavors: Strawberry Mango, Cran-Raspberry, and Lemon Lime. Special ingredients include Guarana seed extract, Gentian root, wheat grass, and Creatine Monohydrate.


  • Great source of fiber and natural ingredients
  • It imitates the natural ‘yellow’ color of urine in order to avoid suspicion.
  • Results are visible within 1-2 hours and last for 5 hours
  • Fortified with vitamins B1, B2, B12 and C
  • It comes in sweet flavors such as strawberry mango, lemon-lime and others
  • Very helpful for heavyweight users


  • The possibility of side effects such as nausea and stomach upsets
  • A strict diet and adherence to instruction is required to achieve the best results

How to use QCarbo 20 with Booster

  • Take 20 ounces of water on empty stomach 20 minutes before drinking QCarbo 20
  • Drink up the whole bottle as well as all super boost capsules attached
  • Wait for another 20 minutes then drink 20 ounces of water
  • Be prepared to urinate a few times before the drug test
  • For best results wait 2 hours after drinking QCarbo 20
  • Abstain from using drugs for a minimum of two days before detox

QCarbo 32

QCarbo 32

The Qcarbo 32 differs from the former with its easy shake-it-and-drink method without the need for water. It comes with a blend of essential vitamins such as B1, B2, B12, and vitC in adequate proportions. Its proprietary ingredients include Guarana Seed Extract, Creatine Monohydrate, Milk Thistle extract, and Echinacea Purple Leaf, this combination cleanses the urinary tract removing toxins and drug metabolites, preparing you for any drug test.


  • Contains powerful herbs, Vitamins and Minerals with thorough system cleansing effects
  • Total cleansing is confirmed after one hour of ingestion and effective for about 7 hours
  • Boosts the body’s metabolism to expedite THC cleansing process
  • Effective within one hour after drinking and lasts for seven hours
  • Comes with a burst of fruity flavor and tastes great


  • Strict abstinence from drug and dieting is required for at least two days
  • May cause minor side effects like nausea

How to use QCarbo 32

  • Shake thoroughly before use, drink entire content
  • Urinate as often as possible
  • Result is achieved 30 minutes to 1 hour after drinking

Fast Detox Kit

fast marijuana detox kit

The fast marijuana same-day detox solution is a powerhouse that gets rid of THC metabolites accumulated by chain smoking. It acts as a diuretic while actively removing large amounts of toxins from the body through the urine. This solution is completely undetectable and provides a quick solution for urine drug tests.

Every drug test demands standard levels of creatinine to be sure that the urine hasn’t been tampered with in order to cheat on the test. Fast detox ensures the appropriate balance of chemical compounds in your urine. The solution takes effect after 90 minutes and lasts for up to 5 hours. The product comes with a 20 oz bottle with super boost tablets, QClean detox supplement (chewable) and THC test device. A 7-day premium detoxification kit is also available for permanent system detox.

The proprietary ingredients for Fast Detox include; Guarana Seed Extract, Creatine Monohydrate, Milk Thistle Extract, Juniper Berry, Alfalfa Leaf, Gentian Root, Cayenne Pepper, Barley grass, and Echinacea Purpurea Herb extract. These herbs are very helpful for a healthy body and complete system detox.


  • It is completely legal and undetectable
  • You don’t have to quit smoking
  • Is healthy and safe
  • Best price for its category
  • The same-day solution, effective within 90 minutes and lasts for 5 hours
  • It includes a testing device
  • It is highly efficient due to the combination of pills and fortified solution


  • Not suitable for pregnant women and people with kidney or gallbladder problems
  • Side effects in some cases may include cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and tiredness

How to use Fast Detox Kit

This instruction should be adhered to exactly two hours before testing time as a same-day detox solution.

  • Drink 20 ounces of water 2 hours before your test
  • Wait for 20 minutes then drink up the entire solution as well as the super boost tablets
  • Wait for another 20 minutes and drink up to 20 ounces of water again
  • You may urinate twice to expel the toxins then test yourself using the test kit to confirm status of the test.
  • If the result is still positive for THC then chew the QClean tabs, followed by 32 ounces of water. Wait an hour more and urinate as often as possible to flush your system then try the test again.

Vale 4X

Vale 4x

The Vale 4X solution is made especially for plus-sized people who variably carry a higher amount of Marijuana metabolites in them. it proves the effectiveness of the solution as a powerful THC detox owing to the fact that people who are plus-sized tend to store more of THC metabolites in their fatty tissues that people with lesser weight. The solution becomes effective in one hour after ingestion and lasts for as long as 5 hours.

Vale 4X contains supplements, Vitamins, and minerals such as Vit B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, VitC, Creatine Monohydrate, Para-Aminobenzoic Acid and others.


  • It is effective for people who are largely overweight
  • Contains a good variety of healthy vitamins and minerals
  • Takes effect in one hour and lasts for five hours
  • It contains Zinc to help mask THC


  • If you drink too much water you may get a dilute reading
  • You are requires to drink a lot of water
  • It is not very cost effective

How to use Vale 4X

  • Abstain from smoking and go on a low-fat diet
  • Drink an entire bottle of Vale 4X detox drink one hour before a drug test
  • Fill the empty bottle with water for measurement and drink the whole refill
  • Urinate as often as possible
  • Collect sample urine after the 3rd passing

Stinger 7-Day Detox

Stinger 7 Day Detox

The Stinger offers a permanent solution to the problem of system detoxification from the following substances: marijuana, Ecstasy, Nicotine, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, LSD, and others. People who wish to completely get rid of any trace of THC, Alcohol, Nicotine and other substances from their saliva, blood and urine can opt for this solution. This product completely cleanses the system in one week (7 days). People who weigh over 230 pounds may be required to double their dosage in order to achieve maximum results.


  • easy to use


  • Not compatible with various medications such as Tylenol
  • 50-50 percent chance of success

How to use Stinger 7-Day Detox

  • Avoid using any substance for 48 hours before taking the Stinger
  • Prescriptions are one tablespoon each in the morning and evening before meals
  • Ensure to finish the last dosage on the 7th day


These products are all very effective for detoxification before drug tests and they all have their peculiar characteristics that make each one stand out. However, with the focus of efficiency and overall value, we would recommend Fast Marijuana Detox Kit as our detox solution of choice.

Some of these detox solutions may not be compatible with over the counter medications or certain health condition, so it is best to seek the counsel of a medical professional before use.

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