Can Drinking Vinegar Assist in Passing a Marijuana Test?

Vinegar (also known as acetic acid) is an acidic solution made by using bacteria to ferment ethanol, in the form of cider, wine, champagne, etc. Vinegar may also contain flavoring, vitamins, and minerals. Vinegar that has been pasteurized has been heated to kill off the bacteria. Vinegar, and in particular, apple cider vinegar is a popular ingredient for “detoxing” the body.

Ingredients Needed

One bottle of vinegar, usually priced around five dollars or under

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The theory is that drinking a small amount of vinegar (in particular apple cider vinegar) diluted in water will, over time, rid your urine of any traces of drugs, especially from marijuana consumption.

Side Effects

Drinking vinegar, even diluted, over a period of time can change your body’s pH level and cause health issues such as fungal infections, low potassium levels, diarrhea, heartburn, stomach ache, and indigestion, as well as damage or corrosion to tooth enamel, esophageal tissue, and stomach lining.

Potential Interactions

Vinegar can directly impact blood sugar and potassium levels, so those with diabetes (whether on insulin or not) or high blood pressure should avoid this remedy. Vinegar can also cause health issues when used in combination with laxatives or diuretics.

Scientific Evidence

Changing the pH of your urine could potentially change the outcome of a urine drug screen, but can also cause positive results in of itself. However, vinegar is particularly used to detox from marijuana consumption due to the belief that as THC metabolites can be purified and flushed out of the system with continued use. There isn’t much scientific data to back this up – indeed, it seems like this attribute is something that is lumped in with vinegar’s other supposed detoxification claims.


Vinegar is not listed as a last minute solution, it’s more of a long-term detoxification process – owing to the fact that most of vinegar’s side effects and adverse reactions come with long term use make what potential (and unproven) benefits it could possibly offer rather not worth the risk. Also, any substance that you ingest that affects the pH of your urine can potentially affect the results of a urine drug screen, which is the effect that many home remedies seek; however, changing the pH of your urine is just as likely to cause a positive result on a drug screen, which is another reason that vinegar is a poor choice as a home remedy for passing a drug screen.


Vinegar is not a remedy that can be taken the night before – it’s something that is recommended as a long-term solution, and long-term use of vinegar, in particular, can have some rather serious side effects including damage and corrosion of tooth enamel, as well as damage and to the esophagus and stomach lining.

Vinegar can also cause serious adverse interactions with medications such as insulin, diuretics, and laxatives, as well as affecting potassium levels – making this a remedy to avoid, especially for people with diabetes (whether on insulin or not) and those with high blood pressure. So, what is the 100% effective solution to pass drug test? Check this guide


Can Drinking Vinegar Assist in Passing a Marijuana Test?
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