Can You Pass a Marijuana Drug Test by Drinking Water?

Drinking large volumes of water is a popular method of removing traces of marijuana and its metabolites from your urine.

Ingredients Needed

The only ingredient needed is a large quantity of water, certainly making it the least expensive home remedy for passing a urine drug test.

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The methodology is simple enough: You simply drinks large quantities of water in the weeks or hours before a drug test, and this is thought to flush all traces of marijuana and its metabolites from your body.

Side Effects

Aside from being the least expensive home remedy, water probably has the fewest side effects of all of the home remedies, although drinking excess water can be problematic, and could potentially lead to conditions known as water intoxication and hyponatremia. These conditions are brought on by excess water consumption, without the balance of electrolytes necessary for the body to function, and are not uncommon in athletes.

Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, confusion, fatigue, irritability, muscle spasms, and seizures. If not treated, these conditions can result in irregular heartbeat, the collection of fluid in the lungs, and can even lead to coma or death. These conditions are more likely to occur when large amounts of water are consumed over a short span of time.

Potential Interactions

Diuretics, pain medications, some antidepressants, and Ecstasy can encourage the development of, and drastically exacerbate the symptoms of hyponatremia.

Scientific Evidence

Drinking excess water is problematic in urine drug testing for two reasons. One, drinking excess water does not help your body eliminate marijuana and its metabolites from your body, nor does it speed up this process. The second problem is that diluting your urine is going to cause you to fail the urine validity test, which is typically done before the drug screening to establish that the specimen is fit for testing. If you drink large quantities of water before leaving a specimen, the urine validity test is going to register the specific gravity and creatinine levels as being below normal values, resulting in a screening positive or suspicious for dilution.


Failing a urine validity test can have one of two outcomes: Either you will have to repeat the testing, this time under the suspicion that the first specimen was diluted, or you will, in essence, fail the drug test because the sample was not fit for testing, and face whatever consequences go along with failing the drug screening.


Water seems like a relatively harmless, and definitively inexpensive, way to pass a urine drug screening, yet it is a problematic home remedy. Drinking excess water – particularly if you take medications like diuretics, pain medications, or antidepressants – can have serious effects on your health, leading to coma and even, in the worst cases, death.

The next issue is that drinking excess water will cause you to fail the laboratory’s specimen validity test for dilution, which is either going to require you to repeat the testing, or is going to be regarded as failure of the drug screening altogether.


Can You Pass a Marijuana Drug Test by Drinking Water?
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