Detox Drinks to Pass Urine Test

The easiest way to pass urine drug test is to abstain from drugs prior to the test. That said there are ways to get the toxins out of your system faster. The detoxification process is not foolproof as it can dilute the sample which is often detectable but in that case the test is normally rescheduled which gives you time to let your body detoxify naturally.

What can one do to a urine sample?

Different drugs stay in the system for varying periods and the more habitual the use the longer the traces stay present. Altering a urine sample is possible by substituting the sample for another, tampering with the sample or flushing your system to change the composition of the urine sample that is diluting it.

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Tampering versus Diluting

Tampering with a sample is risky because most foreign elements are relatively easy to detect. In comparison drinking copious amounts of water and urinating frequently prior to the test causes the sample to contain fewer toxins.

Flushing Out Toxins with Detox Drinks

Some stores sell detox drinks for the purpose to pass urine tests. The tests help ‘flush’ out the toxins faster. Excessive flushing is apparent to the testing authorities because the sample is comparatively clear. Flushing the system may result in the sample being flagged and re-tested but at least the sample does not test positive for drugs. The test will most likely be rescheduled for later. However our detox kits  and drinks doesn’t make the urine look clear, so you will easily pass.

What Do Detox Drinks Do?

Detox drinks work as diuretics and cause you to urinate frequently. Some of them also contain creatinine and vitamin B to ensure that the diluted urine passes the tests. Certain detox drinks claim to inhibit the body’s ability to metabolize fat cells that store toxins in the body. These supposedly mask the drugs in the urine and are not detectable.

Detox Drinks to Pass Urine Test
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