Detox drinks: do they really work for opiates?

If you do not doubt opiates presence in your body, then you need to check some possible removal methods, like drinking detox. But do detox drinks work for opiates?

The opiates class contains a huge diversity of recreational, prescription and addictive drugs. Opiates are often considered as illicit drugs. Their levels in organisms are often monitored for a presence due to drug screenings. The maximum allowed opiates level used to be 300 ng/ml in a general human body. However, the poppy seeds intake could prove to contribute the opiate level rise in the human body. That is why the maximum opiates level in drug testing was elevated up to 2000 ng/ml.

Need to pass drug test?
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Usually, drug tests require samples either of your urine or saliva. Taking hair is also a popular practice for more accurate results. Urine screening can well detect all toxic substances, determine the reason for a drug overdose, spot drug dependency. As for opiates urine samples are mainly conducted for the presence of these illicit substances.

Opiate detox drinks

They are detoxifying products, holding toxins in your body and allowing you to pass urine screening for drugs. A lot of toxins are usually stored in body fat cells and are coming out when fat cells begin to burn. These detox products prevent the burning of fat cells up to five hours. So your toxins cannot release. Such drinks involve all toxins, and they are undetectable.

Opiates are standard drugs, and this is the reason why standards of drug testing are much more improved nowadays. So the detoxification effectiveness is also witnessed with increasing. Opiate detox drinks usually include different types of recreational, prescribed and trusted drugs. A few days along with the right choice of detox product may help you to beat opiate urine testing.

Do detox drinks work for opiates?

Detoxification as a passing way of a drug test is better than substituting or diluting urine. Even with the nuance that you should spend many days to make consumed drugs leaving your body, detox drinks can remove all drug traces from your organism in an emergency. This liquid can save you from detection with positive expertise results. Necessarily purchase the one that is surely suitable for you and can save you from passing fail.

How do they work?

When peeing, your body is expelling toxins in a natural way. This is the crucial reason why urine is often used to check consumed drugs. Your urinary system may be temporarily cleaned by encouraging permanent peeing and boosting the function of your liver and kidney. Later toxins bit by bit begins to build up. So detoxification effects are just temporary.

Detox drinks should contain adequate amounts of creatine and B-vitamins. These components can preserve your urine color and its properties, which increase the chances the adulterant test passing.

How to correctly use detox?

All detox drinks have to be consumed carefully to get desirable results.

  1. Be sure you have purchased the correct drink. The popular “one-hour solution” is intended for skinny people (less than 200 pounds). Users who are heavier should use the 4xsolution instead.
  2. The process is similar in both ways. You need to choose the perfect time for a drink using on the test day. The ideal way is taking it in 1-2 hours before your making sample. Just drink the whole bottle at the right time. Wait 20 minutes, refill a bottle with water and drink it all again.
  3. Relax and try to pee several times during the next 40 minutes. Do not make your test sample before this. Do not skip on the part of peeing.
  4. You have to give your sample within 5 hours after drinking. The desired result is usually achieved after 1-2 hours of consummation.

What else is required for excellent action?

Avoid all toxins in 72 hours before taking a sample. These toxins are not only drugs but fatty foods, alcohol, tobacco. They all may give extra strain on the liver and then slow down your detoxification process. Eat just a small meal 3 hours before the test, and avoid huge water drinking.

Detox drinks give some extra effects along with their means. It may be detox capsules that are designed for taking at night to get a kind of pre-cleanse. Or you can use caps for consuming with your detox drink. They absorb toxins and prevent them to collect in your urine.

Detox drinks: do they really work for opiates?
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Kylie Wilson
Kylie Wilson

Hey there :) I’m Kylie, a part of THC Detox team. I have smoked marijuana for more than eight years. While I really enjoy it, I don’t want to lose my job because of a failed drug test. So I enjoy researching and sharing information on the methods that have worked for me, my friends, and clients.

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Laurie - February 23, 2017

I used pot the last 3 days, haven’t smoked in over a month before. I take a monthly drug test at my pain center and need to test negative for thc but positive for my vicodin that I take regularly. I purchased Mega Clean. What should I do? Thanks

    Chris - June 22, 2017

    You will be clean from all toxins by following the instructions. However, right before going in for test, you will simply take your Vicodin, causing you to be positive for it. Which is actually what you want.

Mike - February 24, 2017

If I used opiates 10 hours prior to a drug test will a detox drink block the standard drug test

    Holly - April 16, 2017

    Did you pass your test in February

    Jose Toro - May 1, 2017

    Did you pass your test in Feb.

    Anonymous - May 29, 2017

    did the detox drink work for opiates??? Please people, can anyone swear to anything that will beat a ua for opiates?

      Alice Vun - June 6, 2017

      No the ice detox did not work. I was clean for 48 hours as it specified and followed directions to the T. I talked to a nurse a s she said everyone’s body metabolized opiods differently so the best way is to stay clean for a week and then use the ice detox. Everybody is different. I’m under way u see 200lbs so it should have worked but yeah no it didn’t.

      Charlie - January 4, 2018

      I know this comment is very very late but let me tell you yes, you can pass very easily. I have used and then drink instant detox if you do exactly what it says you will pass.

      Stay away from breads grains cereal the night before. This comment is for anybody else interested in passing.

      I use it for five years on after I was on PRC after getting out of prison I passed every one of my test. In the beginning it was just for pot 2 years after I got out I tried opiates for the first time in my life at 40 years old. Major mistake.

      The liquid taste great you drink 30 oz of water before 30 oz of water an hour after. I live by it and you feel excellent for about five to six days it’s a great detox with money back guarantee.

      It work for me every single time. I used three to four hours before a couple different times and don’t try to drink it when you’re sick there’s no use it. Works excellent and I do a lot of opiates and I mean a lot so I’m to keep my habit the way it is to G’s a day at least most of the time it’s free in my hand.

      The drink cost me $53 and I passed the test for 5 years well 3 years like I said I didn’t try opiates until I was 40.

      It’s guaranteed to work, eat about 4 hours before you drink it go to sleep or like I used to do eat a nice meal very light fruits and vegetables go to bed around 11 at night use at 3 in the morning drink instant detox at 7 in the morning.

      By 8:30 I know I’m clean I done pissed 3 times 4 times don’t drink any extra water.

      I hope this works for anybody that reads it I actually live by this this stuff works any test except for hair.

      It even works for your saliva my PO even check my saliva and my urine one day both great I was so nervous.

      Stuff is incredible can find it online and buy it cheaper the cupboard Cincinnati carries it instant detox cleanse biggest mistake I ever made in my life getting involved in opiates great money but the s*** that comes with it ain’t worth it I’m hoping soon I can walk away from this I wish you well

        Lola - January 14, 2018

        Hardest thing I have ever done in my life was to get off Opiates . And struggle everyday. I love them but they will eventually ruin your life and lead you to herion, then you will lose any and all money you have..
        I hope u can get off them. Only way I could do it was a week in a medical detox.

        Trell - January 15, 2018

        Can u give me the exact name of the product. If I have to test tomorrow maybe around 2:30 PM wht is the best time I should take it.

Maryann Malloy - March 3, 2017

I have a drug test coming up march 6th I take perk 30 but not hat many like 3 a day and I took a few perk 5 so I got this cleaner called qcarbo32 with eliminex plus herbal supplement
1 step maximum strength cleansing formula its 32 oz but it dont tell me how many hrs or how to take it i have court it starts at 9:30 i know they’re going to test me for sure please someone please help

Blake - March 6, 2017

Hello. I was wondering if the QCarbo drinks live up to the expectations? I have to report to probation Wednesday, and it is now Monday morning. I was thinking about purchasing it but need to know if it’s completely reliable. I’m at least over 180 pounds. I took Percocet 10s Friday night/Saturday morning. Would this help me?

    Anonymous - October 19, 2017

    No. I tried every drink Under the Sun and let me tell you from my experience they do not work

Travis - March 18, 2017

How about alcohol in an etg test. Will a detox drink mask a urine sample.

Hazel - April 8, 2017

What do you mean by 4xsolution?

Nope - June 2, 2017

So I took opiates less than 10 hours ago, I bought one hour detox and have a drug test (urinalysis) at 5 pm. I started drinking the bottle around 2:30 pm. It is now 3. If I pass or fail , I will comment back. Wish me luck !

    Nope - June 3, 2017

    I PASSED !!

      JHnz - June 3, 2017

      What was the name of 1 hour detox and what kind of opiates did you do

      V - June 13, 2017

      What product did you use please link

      Anonymous - July 16, 2017

      Really , you passed? Which one did you buy? How long were you off opiates? And how long before do you take it?

        chris - August 30, 2017

        just read your comment on passing a piss test with opiates did you use zydot if not what one did you use, cheers.

      S - August 23, 2017

      What detox drink did u use was it the mega clean

      Anonymous - September 30, 2017

      Plz tell me what one you used

      Ray - December 17, 2017

      What did you use? I need to find out ASAP for my boyfriend

    Anonymous - August 27, 2017

    Nope can you please explain what kind of drink you took ? And the whole process you did before the test we would apreciate it a lot thanks!!!

    dee - November 29, 2017

    Can you please tell us which one you used and were you using up to the day of the test?

James - June 3, 2017

I need my Vicodin and zanex to be visible im prescribed i just smoke thc does xxtra clean work with this situation thanks

Bj7788 - June 5, 2017

Ok everyone on here seems to be asking questions and I don’t see alot of answers received. I myself have alot of the same questions. I have a DT being dropped on me in the next day or two depending on how long I can keep delaying it. I use alot of methadone every day. I’m interested in seeing what all of you would recommend as far a rapid detox products go. Hopefully I can use your suggestions together with my research to make my decision. Thanks

    ** - June 7, 2017

    I had a drug test on friday, on Wednesday morning I took a little cap full of methadone, I purchased a stinger detox 5x and followed the directions to a Tee 90 minutes before my UA, I came out positive for methadone, I am not on methadone so I don’t take it everyday but that Wednesday I took a little sip I thought I was gonna pass but I was wrong but it did clear out the opiates in my system which I had took on the Tuesday before my UA

Lisa - June 9, 2017

Does it clean pcp

karl - July 13, 2017

so im in military and i use carbo cleanse. 1.5 hours at least drink bottle of water. wait 20 minutes drink three drink and take capsules. wait 20 then drink bottle of water. pee as much as you can at least 4 to 5 Times. i have done this after 12 hours clean and passed. i bought a home test because i thought maybe they didn’t test for them that time because they don’t test every drug every time. well i passed it the next day both times in two different occasions. yes it seems to work. good luck. no longer than 3 days will they syst and most only last 2. it really does work

    johnny 5 - July 24, 2017

    they do work ive witnessed it myself……i usually just use the ready clean first…then an hr later take Qcarbo 2o with the pills ..then i go take my test

    Sheann - October 7, 2017

    But you didn’t say what was in your system and when the last time of use or frequency of use as well. If you didn’t take anything like days before your cleanse/test than could have been naturally cleaned out anyway. When was your last usage to the time of your test and how frequently do you use opiot I assume.

anastasia - July 21, 2017

help im drinking ultra eliminex now its 8am drug test at 11, need opiates and crack.coc, weed outta my system

Kay - July 31, 2017

Does the xxtra clean work for coke? I have a test tommorow and i havnt used since. Saturday night

    YEAYea - July 5, 2018

    Detox drinks DO NOT work for cocaine. I’ve personally failed 2 U.A.’s due to cocaine use and both times I used 1 hour detox. You can’t get cocaine out of your system with any type of cleanse in under 3 days. So….you need to go missing for 3 days….then take test.

Limplikeacamell - August 17, 2017

So been searching all over internet for detox drinks that work for drugs other then thc. Been on probation for the past 9 months getting tested every week. Long story short, I relapsed and went to jail on a v.o.p. got bonded out and used again have court tomorrow morning. I purchased qcarbo 16, drank it around 5:15 and took a 12 panel drug test at my house around 6:45 pm. Full panel came back completely negative. Have heard of people passing tests using this drink for thc but never opiates and benzos. Granted I have been clean for almost 48 hrs from the opiates. But my body usually requires a full 3-4 days to be completely clean for opiates.

    EH - August 20, 2017

    My boyfriend is in the same situation and is searching for any way to avoid going back to jail! I hope you’re not in there and can reply with if you actually passed the scheduled test…please!

Redd808 - August 24, 2017

Been using Carbq for many years it’s all about the timing as one said No toxins at least 12 hrs before test and no food for 12 hrs beforctest about 1 to 2 hrs before test Drink 32 oz bottle wait 15 min then drink 32 oz of water and try and piss as many times as u can I usually keep drinking water all the way up to test and piss 3 to 5 times with in 2 hrs from drinking the cleanser then u are good to pass test for about 4 hrs from time I drank cleanser Carefull not to vomit the cleanser up cause then u gave to start over Also when drinking cleanser u should drink it all with in 30 mins I usually drink it with in 10 mins. Small gulps at a time take a 2 minute pause then finish bottle. The new cleanser out ELIMINEX is 3x sting as regular carbq So it is best for high toxin levels

    Dp1982 - December 27, 2017

    I have a DT tomorrow will it work for heroine?

I - August 29, 2017

I’ve taken perc 5 and small amount of the about 24 hrs ago, 7:00am drank qcarbo32 followed the instructions as to urinating frequently before test at 9:30, they are sending my sample to a lab for testing should I nervous or is this drink gonna pull through

I - August 29, 2017


HarleyGirl - September 1, 2017

I have a drug test tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon and I have opiates in my system. I bought a bottle of JAZZ TOTAL DETOX will that clean my system long enough for me to pass my test?? Somebody please help cause this is for my probation!!

Me - September 19, 2017

I have a drug test for Wednesday I took the test Tuesday omg will I pass

Unknown - September 24, 2017

I only weigh about 125 lbs , I take opiates daily and sometimes high amounts, I need all out of my system asap. What is the best detox for using that day and having a drug test?

Anonymous - October 12, 2017

Can you get the high toxins detox formula in stores?
And is it available in Canada?

Princesalexi - December 9, 2017

Help, I am a big girl 200lbs. I also use Benzos (1 week ago), Meth and Heroin heavily for the last nine months. I need to be clean on Tues or my bail is going to be revoked.

Help - December 19, 2017

I took zanax percs and tabs for the last 4 days. And I have a drug test in the morning. What can I take so none of it will show up in my urine test

Confused - January 3, 2018

What is the best detox drink to get to flush out system for opiates? I have a test I’m the am and used herion today. Please tell me how I can be clean I am 54 and chubby probably 150 lbs n have a slow metabolism .

Anonymous - February 26, 2018

If I used hard drugs today and had a drug test tomorrow would I pass using ultra eliminex?

Tony - March 21, 2018

Please someone please tell me will the herion be out of my system I took this drink called the stuff detox I followed the instructions and I didnt use yesterday or today herion (I just snort if that matters) I just want to know will my urine drug test be clean from herion I have drink the drink about 11:30am and did the refill water drink that now im pee a lot before I go take the test it is now 1:21pm is it safe to say ill pass the drug test? Please someone let me know I just want to pass this urine test if I do or dont I am going to start staying clean im done with herion

Part time toker - July 12, 2018

Im prescribed vicodin, Gabapentin and soma. However once in awhile I smoke some pot. I did so 11 days ago and ha e a pre employment test tomorrow. Will a detox drink work for the pot? I cannot stop taking my other meds.

Kay - July 21, 2018

I passed mine. I took Oxycodone 15mg the day before my test. And the days previous I had taken anywhere between 5-6 Oxycodone a day (I use quite a bit). From the point I knew I had the test, I a lot a lot of water. I had taken the pill at 3pm and I had my drug test the next day at 9am the next morning. I kept drinking water and wake up intermittently through the night to pee. I ended up waking up and was worried about the test, so about 2am I took a drug test and it was barely negative so I knew I was in the the clear. I took some cranberry pills, drank another bottle of water, woke up and drank the QCarbo16 as directed and just got my results back today and I was clear. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Anonymous - August 29, 2018

Hey everyone I’m a very heavy heroin user. I use almost a gram a day of the best stuff you can get in Charlotte. I used yesterday around 3 I have a drug test this morning at 10 I bought Ultra eliminex. I’ll post back later to let you know if I passed

    anono - October 10, 2018

    did it work?

    im in the same boat and just bought a bottle

Anonymous - November 18, 2018

Ok so I took a half 8mg suboxone at 7am, and 240mg of perks 4 days before the test. Perks still showed positive 4 days later on a home test that I did before the real test. This is what engaged me to buy the Ellimenex. (does anyone know if the postal service test for suboxones?) I drank it about 2 hours before the real test that was at 6pm, drank only 1 bottle of Poland spring, and I peed about 4 times. (that shit makes you pee lol) I took that test, so if I get the job I drug tested for it work. I thought i’ll update you guys about the review for ellimenex on opiates and buprenorphine


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