Does Ketamine Show up on a Drug Test

A standard drug test panel will test for 5 specific drug categories (the “SAMSHA” test). This panel includes the following drugs: Cannabinoids (hash & marijuana), Cocaine (crack & cocaine), Amphetamines (speed & methamphetamines), Opiates (Opium, Codeine, Morphine or Heroin) and Phencyclidine (PCP or “Angel Dust). Therefore, Ketamine is not tested for with these standard drug tests. Read on to find out what tests can detect Ketamine, for how long it will stay in your system and more valuable information.

Ketamine & Drug Tests

Ketamine and its breakdown substances (Norketamine) can be typically tested for using blood tests. These blood tests are extremely expensive, and people are not tested for Ketamine, unless there is a reasonable suspicion present that the respective person might use the drug.

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In case such a specific blood test is ordered, it is important to know that Ketamine has a detection window of up to 2 weeks (7 to 14 days). In chronic users, this detection window can extend even more.

A less expensive, and more popular test for Ketamine is the urine test. The test can require that you offer a urine sample to the test administrator, or some drug kits will have the person dip a special paper strip into urine to see if there is use of Ketamine present.

Follicle drug tests (or hair drug tests) can also reveal Ketamine usage. In fact, the hair tests can even give an approximate timeframe for when the Ketamine has been used.

Ketamine Facts

Ketamine is an analog of PCP, but it will not give a false positive result for PCP in a standard drug test. Generally, employers do not specifically test for Ketamine. They order standard drug tests, and very rarely more specific/advanced drug tests that might reveal Ketamine use.

Does Ketamine Show up on a Drug Test
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