Does Mdma Show up on a Drug Test

MDMA (or “Ecstasy”) is a street drug quite frequently used by youngsters in clubs, at high school parties, at gatherings, and even used on an everyday basis. Most frequently, as part of the hiring process, an employer will ask for a drug test. If the test comes out positive, you will be eliminated from the process. To find out whether or not MDMA shows up on a drug test…

MDMA & Drug testing

Since drug abuse is a major problem nowadays, more and more employers will ask for such drug tests, and they can even be conducted at high schools. There are many types of drug tests available, but there are also some which are extremely sensitive. This means the test will show MDMA in your system even if you have taken a minimal dosage.

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It can happen that an OTC medication or a prescription drug will cause a false positive, but generally, MDMA can be easily and quickly detected with a drug test. The most frequent type of test for the detection of MDMA is the urine analysis. You will be asked to provide a urine sample, which will then be sent to the lab for further investigations.

For how long is MDMA detectable in urine

Generally, the half-life of MDMA or “Ecstasy” is approximately 9 hours. This means that approximately three days from last use, the compound is almost undetectable in urine. But again, detection times vary significantly based on factors such as the metabolism of the person tested, the frequency and length of MDMA usage and many other such factors.

Some experts consider that urine testing is an unreliable option at detecting MDMA since people have learned how to tamper with the tests if there are unobserved. MDMA will stay in your system just as long as any Amphetamines or Methamphetamines, which is between 3 days and up to a maximum of 5 days (for intense use).


Does Mdma Show up on a Drug Test
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Me - May 26, 2017

but what about a false positive in a hair test? 165pg/mg
what would cause this? Would ADD and anxiety prescriptions show as this?


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