Does Ritalin Show up on a Drug Test

Ritalin will not show up on the standard 5 panel drug test typically used everywhere. Ritalin is a prescription medication, a nervous system stimulant. Doctors mainly prescribe this medication for patients with ADHD for both children and adults. The problem is, more and more people use Ritalin not for therapeutic purposes, but for recreation/stimulant purposes (“getting high”). So can Ritalin be tested for on a drug test? Read more below to find out.

Ritalin & drug testing

Several health statistics show that Ritalin is a dangerous type of drug if used for recreation purposes. The side effects can include aggressiveness, paranoia, delirium, panic, tremors and many more such negative side effects.

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Ritalin typically stays in your system for up to 48 hours. It may easily happen that Ritalin will give a false positive for amphetamines. This is why it is extremely important to inform the test administrator if you are taking Ritalin as a treatment. Simply show him/her the prescription, and then you should be fine.

The standard type of testing that can confirm the existence or Ritalin in your system, is the GC/MS test (also known Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry). This is an extremely sensitive test which will immediately detect Ritalin. Therefore, unless specifically tested for Ritalin, there should be no problems during the standard 5 panel drug test.

Chronic users of Ritalin have experienced very negative withdrawal symptoms. These may include excessive fatigue, nausea, sleep problems and even deep depression. People who use Ritalin for therapeutic purposes are not exposed to the risk of addiction. People who take Ritalin for recreational purpose, are most likely exposed to this risk of addiction. If your test comes out positive on amphetamines, while you are taking Ritalin, make sure to inform the healthcare providers about your prescription. They can further confirm the test by performing a Ritalin vs. Amphetamines investigation.

Does Ritalin Show up on a Drug Test
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Darcy - September 28, 2017

People should also beware of what kind of Ritalin they are getting if they are using recreationally and are subject to urine screens as there are prescriptions that contain both methylphenidate and Adderall.


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