Does Tramadol show up on a Drug Test

Typically, Tramadol does not show up on a drug test that has a restricted panel of only 3 or 5 drugs (such as amphetamines, opiates, etc.). However, if your employer will run a random toxicology test, Tramadol will definitely show up here. Many employers choose to run additional toxicology screenings which are specifically designed for the testing of prescription medications such as Tramadol. Keep reading to find out more information about the connection between drug tests and Tramadol.

Why do they test for Tramadol?

The main reason for which an employer wants to know if you take such prescription medication, is because of the side effects that can appear. Some of the most intense side effects of Tramadol include hallucinations, difficulty in breathing, concentration problems, seizures and even unconsciousness. Many people are addicted to Tramadol, even though they do not take this medication as part of a health treatment.

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Drug tests that can reveal the existence of Tramadol in your system

The most frequently used tests to determine the use of Tramadol include the Toxi-Lab A tests and the blood test. Even though these tests reveal the existence of Tramadol in your system, it is not possible to check the exact level of the substance existent in the system. The tests will give a positive or a negative result, and that’s it. Your employer will not know if you are a chronic or infrequent user, but he will know you have taken Tramadol.

This is why it is extremely important to inform the administrators of the test if you are taking this medication as part of your treatment. If you show any signs of addiction to Tramadol but you are not taking this medication for therapeutic purposes, if your test comes out positive you could lose your job.

Does Tramadol show up on a Drug Test
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