Does Vicodin Show up on a Drug Test

There are different types of drug tests available which test for the presence of Vicodin in your system. There are basic kits available, but also more specific and complex lab tests used. Most often, they will use urineanalysis to test for Vicodin. A urine test is non-invasive, and it is also considered among the cheapest types of tests. However, one of the disadvantages of urine testing for Vicodin is that the test is not capable of showing the exact amount of Vicodin related substances present in the body; the test will only show whether or not the drug is present.

Vicodin & Urine Testing

Typically, if you take only one dose of Vicodin this can be detected in urine for up to 24 hours The detection window is actually between 5 and 24 hours after last usage. Again, the different drug tests available have different sensitivity levels. There have been cases in which lower doses of Vicodin (or Hydrocodone) were not detected by “weaker” urine drug tests. As a general rule however, the medication can be easily detected by a drug test.

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Vicodin Hair & Saliva Testing

Other types of drug tests that can detect Vicodin include the follicle tests (hair testing) and the saliva testing. It is important to mention that Vicodin is an opiate, so it can be detected during the standard 5 panel drug test. Vicodin will stay in saliva between 10 hours and up to 5 days from last usage, and it can be detected in hair tests for even up to three months from last usage.

Vicodin drug tests are performed in order to help treating patients with addiction, during a pre-employment process, in the military, for legal purposes (such as Court ordered drug testing), or as a way to monitor closely cases of dependency.

Does Vicodin Show up on a Drug Test
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