What To Expect From A Probation Drug Test

If you’re on probation, it’s possible that you may have to submit to random drug testing as part of your court order. There are a few different types of drug test which could be carried out, however it’s important to note that most drug tests while on probation will be carried out “at will” without any notice.

What Is A Probation Drug Test

Probation drug tests could be carried out quite frequently or only occasionally depending on your offense. If you’re considered to be low-risk, you may only be tested bi-monthly or even less often, whereas if you are believed to be higher risk, you will be tested more frequently. The procedures and types of drug test will vary depending on the regulations of the county or state in which you live.

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What Do They Test For?

If you are given the standard five panel urine test, your probation officer will be looking for evidence of you having taken marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, PCP and opiates (as well as alcohol). If you have to have a 10 panel test, your PO will be looking for all of the above, plus benzodiazepines, methadone, barbiturates, Quaaludes and propoxyphene. Sometimes, additional testing for opiates will be added to either of the above tests, looking for oxymorphone, oxycodone, hydromorphone and hydrocodone.

Are Probation Drug Tests Supervised?

Procedures will differ from place to place, and while some urine drug tests are supervised, with a same-gender technician or nurse accompanying you to the bathroom in order to ensure that all of the testing procedures are adhered to correctly, others will be carried out without another person being physically present. If you are permitted to go to the bathroom alone to fill the cup, you will be required to leave all of your belongings in a different room while the test is carried out, and your pockets must be emptied.

Once you have given the sample back to the technician, its temperature will be taken to make sure that it is the right range. Both the collector and yourself must always have sight of the specimen until it has been packaged and sealed for testing.

What Tests Will Be Required?

Usually, the probation drug test involves urinating into a cup which either has a five panel drug test built into it, or alternatively a 5 panel test strip will be dipped into it. If the sample fails, a further test will often be required. Sometimes, a more complex probation drug test may be carried out, for example a 12 panel test.

Sometimes, you may be asked to give a hair sample instead of a urine sample for testing instead, should you be unable to produce a suitable sample. The hair follicle test can detect drug use from as long ago as three months. There is also a saliva test which involves taking a swab of the inside of the mouth and testing it for marijuana, amphetamines,

What To Expect From A Probation Drug Test
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