Smart Ways To Get Cocaine Out Of Your System Fast

Cocaine is one of those drugs that have longevity, not only whilst taking it and its effects, but the length of time it stays in your body. Having that said, any drug, not just cocaine, has a detection time in the body of around 1-5 days. And having said that too, it does depend on many factors, from the method of administering i.e. orally, injecting, smoking, etc; as well as your age, your weight, your health, and your metabolism rate, just to mention a few aspects.

Now, as to how to get cocaine out of your system, well there are various methods, some more effective than others.

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Hair Drug Tests

If you know that you will have to undergo a hair test for cocaine, then you can use specific shampoos, which will wash out all toxins. Cocaine smoke, even if second-hand, can stay in the hair for up to 90 days, as the hair absorbs the toxins through the environment.

Wet hair or hair that has gels and other styling agents applied regularly to it will absorb outside toxins much easier. However, drugs that infiltrate the blood, also affect the hair. It is the blood that helps the hair to grow and in this manner is ingested into the follicles.

With a hair drug test, the tester will snip off a strand or two of hair from the back of the head. The hair is then dissolved in an agent that strips the toxins from the hair follicle. The solution with the dissolved possible toxins is then tested for drugs, much like a urine test would run.

With the Detox Shampoo, you simply apply the recommended amount onto your wet hair and massage in as you would normal shampoo. Massage in well, leave the shampoo in for a few minutes and rinse.

Saliva Drug Tests

A formulated mouthwash specified for drug testing is the best option for a saliva drug test. While, most times, a saliva test won’t be run if they are testing for cocaine, should they decide upon this method, then you want to be swishing away with the mouth wash.

These specific toxin-cleansing mouthwashes are built to clear all unwanted remnants of the drug from your saliva.

Much like you would administer normal mouthwash, so you apply this guy. Simply:

  • Shake the bottle
  • Swish the reccommended amount in your mouth, ensuring you coat your tongue, gums and teeth nicely
  • Try to do this for at least 2 minutes
  • Spit out whats left, as you may have swallowed some, however it is not reccommended to
  • Repeat the process with the balance of the liquid

This should be done about 5 minutes before the test, so pop this container into your bag and ensure you go to the bathrooms before the test.

It is advisable to not eat or drink before the test or mouth wash application, do not smoke and of course avoid all drugs, especially the one being tested for.

Urine and Blood Drug Tests

Urine drug testing is the most common method used and ensuring that cocaine is clear from your urine can be the toughest call. Toxins generally are let go from the body through the bladder, as that is the normal workings of our system, so of course, the urine will be rife with drug toxins.

Cocaine, in particular can be detected in the urine up to quite a few days after the last intake.

So, performing a detox with a specific product will do the trick. Much like a fruit or clean food detox will clean your body of toxins so will a Detox Cleansing Program specific for drug users or those that wish to pass a drug test.

The programs vary, however the most effective ones, need to be taken for a few days, in order to flush the system out completely. There are many ingredients that work to do this such as Dandelion, Green Tea Extract, Burdock, Apple Pectin, Creatine Monohydrate, and Milk Thistle.

Or you can use any of the detox drinks for cocaine, that will mask the traces during the drug test.

When it comes to blood drug tests, the cleansing needs to be tip top, as most times it is through the blood that the drug is administered, or at least where it sits around for the longest. The detox programs available will also do the job, but you have to apply the program very strictly.

  • Avoiding all and any drugs for the period of the detox is vital
  • Drinking lots of water throughout the days leading up to the test will help to flush all the toxins from your system
  • Exercise also will help to get rid of toxins through the sweat and just the general movement of the body. The exercise stirs the blood up, so to speak
  • Cranberry has been known to have detoxing agents, so be sure to have a load of the berry juice
  • Aspirin can be taken, which can give a false negative, but this is not a sure fire method
  • Diuretics, such as caffeine and fruit, will help with the detoxing program
  • Vitamin B, good for flushing out the system, can be used, but again, not a full proof way

So, you can see there are many ways to skin this cat. The best is, of course, to stop taking cocaine for a long period of time, especially if you are not aware of when the test will be administered.

Smart Ways To Get Cocaine Out Of Your System Fast
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