Smart Ways To Get Cocaine Out Of Your System Fast and Pass Drug Test

It is easy to go on and on about what to and what not to do before you use any drug that may land you in trouble. On the other hand, when the substance is already in your system, not knowing what to expect can spell doom to your livelihood. This is where handy information comes in.

A cocaine ‘high’ only lasts for a few hours; does this mean that you are home free? Not exactly; there’s more to the drug than just a few hours of euphoric rush. You may require up to 4 days getting it out of your system and even longer to completely get rid of all its metabolites.

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Knowing what happens to cocaine when it enters your body, how it is excreted, and what the various tests target will help you know how to work around them. This will also prepare you for possible test outcomes.

How Cocaine Is Metabolized

Snuffed cocaine crosses cell membranes rapidly and efficiently through the nasal cavity. The vaporized form reaches the lung airways and alveoli where it’s quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Smoked and injected cocaine also hits the bloodstream instantly. When orally ingested, it takes about 30 minutes to navigate its way to the bloodstream.

Once in the plasma, circulation to the brain stimulates the brain receptors to cause a euphoric ‘high’ that lasts between 15-30 minutes.

By the action of homogenates in the liver, it’s hydrolyzed to release Benzoyl Ecgonine (BE) as the major metabolite. This is of importance since immunoassays used in urinalysis during drug testing employ antibodies which target it. Ecgonine methyl ester (EME) and Ecgonine are also released but in lesser amounts.

It then undergoes renal excretion that sees detectable amount of metabolites in urine within four hours of use. The levels are 150 ng/ml and above for about eight days. By this time, it is possible to detect the metabolites in newly grown hair.

When consumed with alcohol, coca ethylene is formed as an additional metabolite. About 1– 5 % of unchanged cocaine is excreted in urine. The major metabolites BE and EME which are excreted in urine comprise of 80 to 90% of the original dose.

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System

Cocaine stays in your body from 2 to 4 days after use. For an occasional user it becomes difficult for drug tests to detect it in urine after this period. The time may extend depending on several factors as explained later in the article. This is informed by its half-life which is at most 11/2 hours. The major metabolites BE and EME have longer half-lives; 6-8 and 3-8 hours respectively. This makes them the target of drug tests.

The euphoric ‘high’ induce by cocaine depends on the mode of administration. It takes only 5 minutes for the effects to be felt after intravenous intake, while snorting will take around 30 minutes. Smoking and oral ingestion on the other hand takes approximately 45 minutes and 1 hour respectively.

For How Long Can Cocaine Be Detected In Drug Tests

The detection time of cocaine varies from one person to another. Factors such as duration of use and the average doses will determine the time. The health of the liver comes into play, considering it’s the organ tasked with breaking down the drug into the test metabolites. Lastly, different tests have varying accuracies from the time of administration.

Urine Test

The focus of cocaine drug test is the metabolite Benzoyl Ecgonine. 2ng/ml or above is the positive threshold. In casual users it’s detectable in urine 2-4 days after use. Chronic users on the other hand will test positive several weeks after the last dose. The prolonged window period makes it the preferred test.

Saliva Test

The drug is detectable in saliva up to 2 hours after use. This makes it an impractical method of detection. Even so, it should be noted that with a 2 hour half-life in saliva, traces can be found 48 hours later, after which it’s completely eliminated.

Blood Test

This test is rare and takes a longer time in the lab. It’s usually done in hospital when a patient is suspected of drug use. Cocaine will be detectable in blood up to 12 hours and BE up to 48 hours after use.

Hair Test

The test is expensive and complicated. It involves testing a hair sample of about 1.5 inches from the head hair. Cocaine traces can be detected up to 3 months after use; they can move up and down the hair shaft making it unreliable on time and duration of use. The drug molecules can remain in hair for several years after use, until its cut or falls.

How to Pass Drug Test for Cocaine

Passing any drug test is not a walk in the park, more so if it is a cocaine one. It’s classified as a class A drug and is prohibited in every work place. Enjoying its ‘high’ and avoiding the consequences is a delicate act. To help in this, follow the DIY methods below to flush it out long before the test.

Urine Test

There are two ways to pass urine test for cocaine. Below you will find the links to the detailed guides for each method:

Saliva Test

A saliva test is faster, easier and cheaper. Also, if done within the window period, it contains unmistakably higher concentrations of cocaine than urine. Being an ultra-filtrate of blood, saliva contains detectable amounts of all compounds contained in plasma.

These include electrolytes and proteins. Their concentration is determined by the flow rate of saliva. Your best shot would be to reduce the concentration as much as possible.

Here is the step by step guide to passing saliva drug test: https://thcdetox.biz/blog/home-remedies-pass-saliva-drug-test/

Hair Test

The test requires mostly a piece of your head hair. Hair retains cocaine and its metabolites for longer periods than other test samples. Body hair can even retain them for 2-4 times longer than head hair.

If you used cocaine more than three months ago, you may be on the safe side. This is because the samples of hair strands used are 1.5 inches long. It takes approximately 90 days for your hair to grow that long.

A hair test may not detect cocaine use within 7 days also since the metabolite laden hair needs to grow first. Once it grows, the metabolites are deeply set into the hair strand. Shaving your hair and keeping a bald head might be the way to dodge an impending positive.

Here is the step by step guide to passing hair drug test: https://thcdetox.biz/blog/how-to-pass-a-hair-drug-test/

Blood Test

Unlike other tests which target the metabolites, blood test checks for the parent drug. This makes it unreliable since cocaine takes a maximum of 12 hours to clear from your blood. It’s possible to naturally clear it from your blood by quickening its metabolism.

Step by step guide to passing blood drug test: https://thcdetox.biz/blog/pass-blood-drug-test/

Factors That Affect Cocaine Processing

Drug Purity and Duration of Use

Pure cocaine is metabolized faster and as such cleared from the system. On the other hand, impure coke will take longer to process and will be detectable in test beyond the normal widow.

A study at John Hopkins University found that prolonged cocaine use results to longer processing time. This is a result of drug accumulation in the body.

Overall Health

The health of your liver and kidneys dictate metabolism rate. A healthy liver will break down the drug more rapidly as compared to a sick one. Kidneys help to flush out about 90% of the metabolites via urine. Unhealthy kidney will not be up to the task and will result in an increase on time of drug retention in the body.

Cocaine by products embeds themselves on body fat. Heavily built people will retain the drug longer than their leaner counterparts.

Activity and Diet

A diet rich in proteins and fruits empower the body to metabolize the drug rapidly. A proper diet accompanied by plenty of water also flushes out the drug faster through urine and excreta.

Reduced physical activities result in slow metabolism. Exercises such as jogging, running, swimming and dancing will increase the excretion rate via sweat; they also have the added advantage of keeping you fit.

Mixing with Alcohol

Use of cocaine combined with alcohol has can be fatal. Coca ethylene is not only stronger than coke itself but remains in the system longer. Alcohol increases chances of drug detection even long after use.


Smart Ways To Get Cocaine Out Of Your System Fast and Pass Drug Test
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jamin jimmy - June 20, 2017

i used a small amount of cocaine sunday afternoon, i may have a urine drug test wednesday, is it possible i can drink household items water, olive,pickle jucies etc. to clean my system

    Jay - June 24, 2017

    Did it work? In the same situation.

      Glen - September 23, 2018

      Hi did you pass? I’m in the same situation and just wanted to know and how many days before it to get clean

Ken - June 26, 2017

I need help with passing a hair test for cocaine but I only put a little in my gums! How long will it take to get out of my hair!!!???? Please help me

Son - September 25, 2017

I take one time of cocaine after a month we undergo drugtest so it is possible that I have a cocaine in my body? I always take water,milk and always sweat every day . Please help !!

Anonymous - November 24, 2017

I was told by severeal people that water does not get rid of cocaine, but a test kit. And call the company and they will tell you, only TIME does, yes fruits and exercise, and sweating helps but TIME, is what gets rid of the shit.

Snuggles The Bunny - March 4, 2018

I did 3 grams of cocaine last weekend, and have been doing little bumps all week. I have an dr. Appt. that I have to take a urine test on March 13th, and am very worried about passing this test. I don’t do this on a regular basis. But seem to get carried away the once or twice a year I do, do it. I have 10 day before my urine test.

What are your best recommendations to cleanse my system fully of this before 3-13.
I am really worried ????, and I have to pass the test. I have not drank beer or anything, but I have had coffee 4 times this week with 4 Splenda’s, and also a lot of sugars (I.e. donuts, Splenda in my coffe, chocolate), Also have been doing little bumps all week. And bring up the caffeine, because when I was reading on some websites it said to stay away from caffeine, it can hold it in your system also.

PLEASE HELP ME!! I have never had to ask for help like this before, and hope I never have too again after this..

Thank you for all of your help and recommendations in advance, I am so very grateful for all and any advice given. And look forward to your responses.

    magnel88 - April 13, 2018

    I just got an interview with a well known company and am in the same boat, I don’t know if they are testing me that day or I have to wait… I am freaking out.

    Glen - September 23, 2018

    Hi did you pass?

    Glen - September 23, 2018

    Hi did you pass? Just wanted to know as I’m scarred I’m gonna fail.

Geourge Wright - July 13, 2018

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
Keep a clean spirit and your chin high, and believe that with the power of sobriety all these problems will cease to exist.
I was a terrible user and had frequent tests, I always use a strip pill but learned also that lots of water and a clean mind go a long way.
Stay positive everyone.


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