How to make synthetic urine

Synthetic urine using is a reliable way to obtain negative results in any tests. Let’s see how to make synthetic urine and what conditions need to be followed for its creating.

What conditions need to be followed when making fake urine?

Replacing your urine for artificial or clean is much harder than it seems. So use this way just as a last desperate attempt (there is a possibility you will be punished upon detection). You may either buy fake liquid, or make it by yourself. The difficulty is to maintain the correct temperature of the sample (approximately 90 – 97 F) and transferring it to the testing place.

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Artificial liquid passes most of inspections, but testing uric acid is performed today in some states. Make sure that your fake sample contains the uric acid. This artificial sample should have a smell. Odorless urine raises suspicion.

Keeping this liquid at the correct temperature is pretty important. If the temperature is not high or low enough, it is irrefutable evidence that this sample had been really tampered with. Taking donor urine is even more risky than the artificial one, because you may never know what else might be found there.

Regarding to the availability, this synthetic liquid is easy to be found. A number of specialized companies are engaged in such a production, each of which aims to offer consumers high-quality and inexpensive goods. You can buy it together with a special kit for wearing on the body and for heating.

Is it possible to make diy fake pee?

If you have necessary materials, chemical knowledge and equipment, then it is really possible to create your fake urine identical to the original one. You can make it of cheap reagents simple for finding. All components can be bought in a pharmacy in a solution, or specialized chemical stores. There are two recipes for creating your own fake pee.

Recipe 1:

1. CaCl 2 – calcium chloride, 0,64 g
2. MgSO4 – magnesium sulfate 1,14 g
3. NaCl – 8,20 g
4. Urea 20,0 g
5. 33 oz of distilled water.

Recipe 2 in compliance with pH and pee smell from the ammonia present:

1. 14.1 g NaCl,
2. 2,8 g KCl,
3. 17,3 g urea,
4. 1.9 ml of 25% v/v solution of ammonia,
5. 0.6 g CaCl2
6. 0.43 g MgSO4
7. up to 33 oz of 0.02 M HCl solution.

Water should be warm, but not too hot. You need to mix all the ingredients and make sure you have got the right color. The synthetic urine contains no organic substances, so it may be easily stored up to 2 years. In fact you do not need to provide special storage conditions, which allow carrying a bag even in a car.

How to make synthetic urine
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