How to Keep Synthetic Urine Warm

One of the key indicators drug testing authorities use to confirm the validity of the urine sample submitted for a drug test is the temperature. While most places do not test for synthetic urine, all of them test the temperature of the sample.

Acceptable Temperature

Urine is roughly 96F or at least in the 95F to the 9F range. When urine enters the sample container it maintains a temperature between 94F and 98F for four minutes. The sample container for most drug tests contains an inbuilt thermometer which will register the temperature at the time the urine enters the container. If the sample is colder than 94F or warmer than 100F it is automatically disqualified.

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Getting Synthetic Urine to the Right Temperature

One of the easiest ways to heat up a sample is to microwave it for 10 seconds, shake it well and test the temperature with a strip to ensure it is within the acceptable range.

If you do not have access to a microwave the more common way to warm up synthetic urine before submission is to use hand warmers. Hand warmers are readily available at department stores and they come in easily concealed tiny packets. Tape or tie the hand warmers around the sample container to heat up the urine. In this case, also you will need to test the temperature to make sure it is within the acceptable range.

Some people prefer to use body heat to keep the temperature of the sample at the correct level. In my opinion, this is the riskiest because it requires you to attach the sample container to your body to keep it warm. People do tape the plastic bag or bottle between their legs but it is smart to keep an emergency hand warmer packet with you just in case.


No matter how you decide to warm up the synthetic urine you need to test the temperature before submission to ensure it falls in the acceptable range.

How to Keep Synthetic Urine Warm
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