How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System

Meth is a potent ingredient having stimulatory effects on the central nervous system, and it is amongst the highly addictive drugs. Meth is actually an abbreviation of Methamphetamine, which is prescribed for 3 disorders, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), narcolepsy and resistant obesity. As an addictive drug, methamphetamine has many different names worldwide, such as Crystal meth, Crank, Meth, Ice, Glass, Fire, Crypto, Speed and Chalk.

How does Meth work

Meth, generally increases the release of 3 vital hormones, including norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. In addition, Meth inhibits an enzyme known as monoamine oxidase, along with inhibiting certain processes known as adrenergic and cholinergic reuptake.

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As a result, Meth prolongs the time those hormones can work in your body, resulting in stimulating the central nervous system, improving performance, decreasing fatigue, and giving a feeling of high-mood. That’s why Meth is commonly addicted.

How long does Meth stay in your system

In case of intravenous administration, Meth can likely stay in your system for up to 2.85 days post-administration. The reason is that the half-life of Meth, in this case, is around 11.4 hours, which means that within 11.4 hours post-administration, 50% of the administered dose of Meth will no longer be active in your system, and so on till the administered dose is fully eliminated.

The same with inhalational administration of Meth; but with a different half-life that is around 10.7 hours, which results in decreasing the time Meth stays in your system for around 2.65 days, post-administration.

In contrast, other research show that Meth generally has a half-life ranging between 2-4 hours, which makes Meth likely to stay for a shorter time in your system, equating to only 24 hours post-administration.

More importantly, there are other factors that can surely affect the duration Meth stays in your system. Those factors differ from a person to another, including:

  • your age
  • your body mass
  • the administered dosage. For example, if you administer an overdose, Meth will undoubtedly stay longer in your system.
  • whether you’re a light or a chronic user of Meth.
  • your metabolic rate of drugs. That determines how quickly your body is able to get rid of Meth and its metabolites.

Will Meth show on a drug test?

Yes, of course. Meth will show on a drug test, as the majority of drug tests, such as the 5-panel drug tests and 10-panel drug tests, test for certain substances, including amphetamines and their derivatives, such as Meth.

However, the tests’ results of Meth are much prone to be affected by the factors shown below, which can even result in showing negative results.

  • The type of the test you are required to undergo
  • The time the test is performed. Each test has a certain time frame to detect certain drugs. Therefore, what a certain test can detect at a certain moment; another test may not at the same moment.
  • Individual factors that differ from a person to another, as shown above.

How long is Meth detectable


Within 2-4 hours post-administration orally, and up to 3 days, Meth is likely detectable in your blood; while in case of inhalation, that differs, as Meth becomes likely detectable within a few minutes post-administration. Intravenously administered Meth can be detected within a shorter time that may be just 2-10 minutes.


When it comes to Meth testing, urine and hair samples are considered more than those of blood, as both urine and hair offer a longer duration to detect Meth in the system. Starting from 2-5 hours post-administration, and up to 1-5 days, Meth is likely detectable in your urine.

Hair, saliva and fingernails

Hair samples come with the longest duration of Meth detectability, and thus the most preferred method. Up to 90 days post-administration, Meth is likely detectable in your hair. In terms of saliva and fingernails, starting from 10 minutes post-administration and up to 2 days, Meth may is likely detectable in your saliva; while fingernails samples are rarely considered for Meth testing.

What drug tests will show the presence of Meth

Four types of drug tests can show the presence of Meth in the system, including:

  • Blood analysis
  • Urinalysis
  • Hair-based tests, including: Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assays)
  • Saliva-based tests, such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

How is Meth stored in the body

Meth is readily absorbed form the gastrointestinal tract. Then, Meth rises in blood till it reaches its peak concertation in plasma within 3.3-6.3 hours post-administration. In case of intravenously-administered Meth, it takes just a few moments to achieve a plasma peak concentration. Afterwards, Meth is distributed via blood stream to different body parts. As Meth is lipid soluble, it passes the blood brain barrier towards the central nervous system.

Within the previously mentioned half-lives, Meth is eliminated. Around 30%-50% of the orally-administered Meth is not metabolized in the system; but, it remains unchanged, and so is excreted in the urine.

Additionally, certain factors can affect the time Meth is stored in different body parts, such as the concomitant use of drugs, as well as your diet, as follow:

  • In case you are concomitantly taking other drugs that can alkalinize your urine, Meth may tend to be stored for longer time in the system, and so is the case with your diet.
  • On the other side, in case your diet or the drugs you’re concomitantly using cause your urine to be more acidic than normal, Meth will be quickly eliminated from your system.


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How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System
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Does it have to drink a lot of water?

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whats crazy is that i smoked meth the day before ‘they’ did a pop up drug screen and i passed …… then a time before that i tested with a mouth swab and failed….. so what im trying to say is that that whole matabilism theory is kinda true and it does help get rid of meth for a urine test …. well for me any way


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