What Is In Marijuana Detox Drinks?

Anybody who wants to get rid of the THC metabolites off his or her system for whatever reason will likely sort to either Marijuana detox pills or drinks. Detox can be done in a natural, healthy way or in a quick fix where instant drinks or pills are taken for immediate effect. Specifically, what components are present in Marijuana Detox Drinks that it can get any weed-smoking people the most sought-after “negative” DT results? Below are some of the most effective detox components in Marijuana Detox Drinks:

• Antioxidants

Fruit berries are usually the common flavorings added to detox drinks. Berries are full of folate with low cholesterol which is excellent antioxidant.

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• Bromelain

This enzyme cleans the blood. This is used as an ingredient to detox drinks in order to hit the body part where drug traces sticks once taken in.

• Vitamin C

A lot of this alleviates depression which are common symptoms felt by those who are withdrawing from any type of drugs, that is why detox drinks have this included in the potion.

• Acetic Acid

Diuretics make people pee a lot. When you drink a lot of water and take detox drinks which usually has acetic acid, imagine how fast you flush away those drug metabolites.

• Potassium

Detox process can be extra tiring and stressful. A good number of this is added in detox drinks to facilitate energy rejuvenation.

Quitting from something you have been very used to be very difficult. When you choose a detox drink to aid your cleansing program, make sure you opt for the healthy choice. Amidst all these hurdles, focus on your goals and very soon, you will be as clean as water itself. Once cleared, make a pact with yourself not to get another weed inside your system. Or else, you will have to go through all these troubles once more.

What Is In Marijuana Detox Drinks?
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