Marijuana detoxification – everything you need to know

The people who have somehow got into the habit of taking drugs cannot get over it. The chemicals present in the drugs slowly poison your thinking capacity. You get addicted to the drug and this leads to huge harassment: on the monetary, physical and emotional front.

Marijuana is one of the drugs tat is quite popular. The level of love that the sportsmen and high potency workers have for the drug is amazing. It begins to seep into the blood and presents severe hallucination.

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The toxins in the body are corroborated by enzymes. They generally know their jobs and help in cell diffusion. The renewal of blood cells is an important function. But the toxins get lazy soon enough and sit quietly in the parts of the body. The system gets infected. This is accentuated when under heavy and continuous intake of marijuana.

The energy level gets drowned. Mind starts thinking in only one dimension. The frustrations get on you and it is a catch-22 situation. You take drugs to get rid of emotional disturbance. And Marijuana gives you a greater problem at hand.

This is intoxicating. Of course the appearance, make and immunity of the people vary in one and all. So the effects cannot be generalized. For a few, even a full crate of bear is bearable. Some go for a toss with just a bottle. That is natural and has to be kept in mind.

THC, or Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the constituent of Marijuana that does the most damage. It heavily intoxicates the body and has a most irritating effect on the brain specially. The Cerebrum is wholly infused with a numbing feeling.

For regular smokers and inhalers of marijuana, detoxification is not a cake walk. The elements remain in the body for as long as 1 month, as the vital organs are under Marijuana essence.

What makes it a potentially dangerous enemy to deal with is its sustenance. It is soluble in fat and fat is stored in a good amount n the bodies because or body has saving habits, even if we may not. The stored fat is of use in crisis situation or when food is not available. But in normal cases, it is more of a liability.

Fat speeds up the cholesterol levels and even blocks the heart functions. Now, imagine the Marijuana THC mixing with the fats. The results will swim in front of your eyes.

Detox Kits are getting available in health centers now. It burns down the fats, releases the toxins, gets metabolism in top gear and positively affects the energy levels. Marijuana effect is thus fast reduced and the residual parts get excreted or pissed out.

Normal cures and Detox agents are vitamins, minerals and a lot of water. Tea is also quite good as it has its own poison. Theine, to cut down the other poisons. The mind starts feeling fresh and the detoxification happens faster than 15 days. Of course, the effect will lessen in different periods for different people. The dosage intake is a vital part of analysis.

Marijuana detoxification – everything you need to know
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  • December 20, 2017
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Kylie Wilson

Hey there :) I’m Kylie, a part of THC Detox team. I have smoked marijuana for more than 8 years. While I really enjoy it, I don’t want to lose my job because of a failed drug test. So I enjoy researching and sharing information on the methods that have worked for me, my friends, and clients.

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