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How to Get Weed Out of Your System

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the issue of THC detoxification on the internet. The major grey patches that I find are regarding whether or not THC detoxification really works, how to do it, and how long does it takes to get weed out of your system. These are the key areas that I […]

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Does Zinc Help to Pass a Drug Test?

Yes. There are a lot of scientific studies that prove that zinc can be used to pass a drug test. However, the question of how to use it to cause a false negative has been a serious bone of contention for close to a decade now. Some researchers claim that zinc will interfere with the […]

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Does Drinking Alcohol Help You to Pass a Drug Test?

There are speculations that drinking alcohol could help in passing a drug test. Sources that support this claim believe that alcohol does help in removing THC from the body and might, therefore, be a remedy for detoxification. This is a ruse. Alcohol doesn’t remove THC from your system. In any case, it might make detoxification […]

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Does Yogi Green Tea Detox Marijuana From Your System?

In a time where green tea(such as Yogi Detox tea) has been proven to offer tons of health benefits, a section of the stoners’ community strongly suggests that it could also help in detoxing and flushing THC metabolites from their system ahead of a drug test. We’ve heard of people who’ve beaten the test by […]

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Does Taking Creatine Help To Pass a Drug Test?

Yes, taking creatine will help you to pass a drug test. However, it does not work the way several sources on the internet presume. Most people who have cheated the test using this method believe that taking several pills of this supplement helps mask the metabolites in urine. This is very wrong. On the contrary, […]

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Does Certo (Fruit Pectin) Work for Passing a Drug Test?

With the huge number of people who claim that the Certo method has helped them to pass a drug test, there’s no doubt that it might work. [summary]This method does not work the way people claim. If you know the principle behind Certo and how it works, then you’ll be able to tell the real […]

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Do AZO pills work for passing a drug test?

If you are looking for a way to pass an upcoming marijuana drug test, the chances are that you have come across numerous remedies that promise 100% detox.  Depending on your urgency, you might even have used some and are probably wondering if they work. Azo cranberry pills are one of such product. Can Azo […]

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