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How to Store Urine for a Drug Test

Each one of us has a few things that make life suck big time. For a stoner, nothing does that more than having to take a urine drug test now and then. If it’s hard for you to resist the urge to toke or if you feel that THC is so concentrated in your system, […]

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The list of vitamins that will help you pass a drug test

Vitamins and minerals have a significant contribution in the detoxification of drugs such as THC in the body. They do this by supporting and offering a conducive environment for the proper functioning of the liver and kidneys ­ the two major organs responsible for detoxification. However, despite their well-documented roles in the detoxification process, . […]

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Does a Sauna Help Detox Marijuana?

Detoxification process usually takes some time. In the case of drug detox, however, you have the option to speed up. The sense of urgency is usually a big deal among drug users, especially if there is a time constraint. This happens when a Drug Testing comes random or scheduled in a few days leaving anybody […]

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Can you pass a drug test with baking soda?

Baking soda and vinegar have two things in common. First, it’s very likely that you have them in your kitchen. Second, both of them are thought to help in cheating urinary drug tests. I’ve already written about the use of vinegar in beating marijuana urine tests. So, today’s article will be about baking soda; how […]

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Does Working Out Help to Pass Urine Drug Test?

The rumor that working out in the days or hours leading to a drug test could lead to positive results is currently at its peak. Sources (including university research studies) that support this idea claim that by exercising, fat-stored THC is released into the blood and later into the urine. They say that this could […]

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Can You Sweat THC out of Your System and Pass a Drug Test?

Most cannabis websites and discussion forums opine that stoners can sweat out THC to eliminate evidence of drugs during a test. This argument stems from the fact that THC is stored in fat cells. They claim that sweating can delink THC from the fat cells for removal through sweat. But how true are these claims? […]

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How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test with Listerine

You must have heard that Listerine helps in passing saliva (mouth swab) drug test. You must also be wondering, ‘‘Man, will this really work?’’ I have to admit that this method seems a little bit farfetched and more of another internet rumor. Take it easy though. It’s true that Listerine works most of the time. […]

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