Pass Drug Test

How To Get Opiates Out Of Your System and Pass a Drug Test

If you have been using prescription drugs, you might be alarmed when you find out that you have to undergo a drug test. Some employers perform random screenings. Others require you to take a drug test when you start working for them. Whether you’ve eaten too many poppy seeds, take painkillers for a chronic condition […]

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How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

Mouth swab drug tests have gained popularity among those seeking to detect drug use. This is mainly due to the convenience and accessibility of taking a saliva sample rather than urine or blood tests which are more invasive. It is also the test of choice for economic reasons as mouth swabs are less expensive than […]

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How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

Hair drug testing is an analysis of a hair sample for drugs. Hair specimens are collected from the head or body and sent to a laboratory where they are screened for illegal substances. Knowing how to pass a hair drug test can help you to avoid tricky legal and work-related situations. When Might You Face […]

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Using Bleach to Pass a Drug Test – Does it Work?

The recent trend of using bleach to pass a drug test only proves how desperate times call for desperate actions in the world of stoners. Clorox (a brand of bleach) is the most commonly used for this purpose. While it’s true that bleach can break down the THC metabolites in urine when used as an […]

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How to Store Urine for a Drug Test

Storing urine correctly for a drug test is essential if you want to pass urine drug test. The color, odor and temperature of the urine sample have to fall within certain parameters to ensure the testing authority does not reject the sample outright. To this end the sample must be sealed in a container which […]

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What Vitamins Should I Take to Pass a Drug Test?

The most common problem drug users has in when faced with the issue of undergoing a drug test is ultimately passing it. You will likely do anything possible just for you to bank the most sought after “negative” just for you to either keep your employment or stay in whatever position you are as of […]

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Does a Sauna Help Detox Marijuana?

Detoxification process usually takes some time. In case of drug detox, however, you have the option to speed up. The sense of urgency is usually a big deal among drug users, especially if there is time constraint. This happens when a Drug Testing comes random or scheduled in a few days leaving anybody who needs […]

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How to Pass a Blood Drug Test

Blood drug testing is an analysis of a blood sample for illegal drugs. The sample of blood is drawn and then sent to a laboratory where it is screened. Knowing when you might face a blood test and how to pass it can help you get or keep your job and stay out of legal […]

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