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How to Store Urine for a Drug Test

Each one of us has a few things that make life suck big time. For a stoner, nothing does that more than having to take a urine drug test now and then. If it’s hard for you to resist the urge to toke or if you feel that THC is so concentrated in your system, […]

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The list of vitamins that will help you pass a drug test

Vitamins and minerals have a significant contribution in the detoxification of drugs such as THC in the body. They do this by supporting and offering a conducive environment for the proper functioning of the liver and kidneys ­ the two major organs responsible for detoxification. However, despite their well-documented roles in the detoxification process, . […]

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Does a Sauna Help Detox Marijuana?

Detoxification process usually takes some time. In the case of drug detox, however, you have the option to speed up. The sense of urgency is usually a big deal among drug users, especially if there is a time constraint. This happens when a Drug Testing comes random or scheduled in a few days leaving anybody […]

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How to Pass a Blood Drug Test in 2019

Blood drug testing is an analysis of a blood sample for illegal drugs. The sample of blood is drawn and then sent to a laboratory where it is screened. Knowing when you might face a blood test and how to pass it can help you get or keep your job and stay out of legal […]

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Can you pass a drug test with baking soda?

Baking soda and vinegar have two things in common. First, it’s very likely that you have them in your kitchen. Second, both of them are thought to help in cheating urinary drug tests. I’ve already written about the use of vinegar in beating marijuana urine tests. So, today’s article will be about baking soda; how […]

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Does Working Out Help to Pass Urine Drug Test?

The rumor that working out in the days or hours leading to a drug test could lead to positive results is currently at its peak. Sources (including university research studies) that support this idea claim that by exercising, fat-stored THC is released into the blood and later into the urine. They say that this could […]

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How To Pass Urine Drug Test In 24 Hours

You may be wondering why there is an article on how to pass a drug test. But, it isn’t such a shocking topic. There are many reasons you may want to know how to pass a drug test. Just know that we are not here to promote the use of drugs, of any type. A […]

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How To Make Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine using is a reliable way to obtain negative results in any tests. Let’s see how to make synthetic urine and what conditions need to be followed for its creating. What conditions need to be followed when making fake urine? Replacing your urine for artificial or clean is much harder than it seems. So […]

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How To Pass a Drug Test For Benzodiazepines

If you have consumed some prescription, medication over the counter or food with any level of benzodiazepines within a specified period, you have to necessarily understand how to pass a drug test for benzodiazepines with no risks. What are benzodiazepines? Benzos are so-called tranquilizers. They slow down the central nervous system activity (brain messages to […]

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Detox drinks: do they really work for opiates?

If you do not doubt opiates presence in your body, then you need to check some possible removal methods, like drinking detox. But do detox drinks work for opiates? If you are looking for a safe and legal solution, check this article: How to Pass a Urine Drug Test in 24 Hours The opiates class […]

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