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What Is In Marijuana Detox Drinks?

Anybody who wants to get rid of the THC metabolites off his or her system for whatever reason will likely sort to either Marijuana detox pills or drinks. Detox can be done in a natural healthy way or in a quick fix where instant drinks or pills are taken for immediate effect. Specifically, what components […]

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  • Updated December 20, 2017
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Is It Illegal to Fake a Urine Test?

Drug testing is a part of pre-employment screening process in the United States and most countries around the world. Come to think of it. If you are a business owner, would you want to have employees that go to work stoned and in twilight zone? Of course not, right? But with the widespread use and […]

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How to Pass a Cocaine Drug Test

Samples for drug test for cocaine are collected in different forms: urine, blood, saliva, and hair. Blood drug tests are usually taken after accidents, especially vehicular. Drug levels in the blood suddenly increase hours after ingestion but stays only for some time. Urine drug test is more commonly used especially in work places. All drugs […]

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How to Keep Synthetic Urine Warm

One of the key indicators drug testing authorities use to confirm the validity of the urine sample submitted for a drug test is the temperature. While most places do not test for synthetic urine, all of them test the temperature of the sample. Acceptable Temperature Urine is roughly 96F or at least in the 95F […]

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Can You Sweat Out THC in a Sauna to Beat a Drug Test?

Most cannabis websites and discussion forums opine that stoners can sweat out THC to eliminate evidence of drugs during a test. This argument stems from the fact that THC is stored in fat cells. They claim that sweating can delink THC from the fat cells for removal through sweat. But how true are these claims? […]

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How to Pass a Drug Test From Your Parents

Drug use and abuse are common these days – but that doesn’t mean your act is justifiable. Because of tons of accidents and deaths that are associated with drugs, you want to make sure that your parents will not know about your drug intake. At the same time, your folks would also want to ensure […]

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Will Chewing Gum Help You Pass a Saliva Drug Test?

Saliva Drug Tests are relatively new and come in varying forms with a range of degrees of accuracy. The basic premise like blood tests is to test for residual traces of drugs in the saliva which is a refined version of plasma. Typically, a high quality Saliva Drug Test would be able to detect traces […]

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What Can I Take to Pass a Drug Test?

Whatever underlying reasons there are, when a drug user tries to undergo detoxification, the ultimate result of this will be to get “negative” DT remarks. The process of cleansing the system off of any drug metabolites can vary depending on the sense of urgency required. Time consideration can be as long or short as days, […]

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What Is Synthetic Urine Made Of?

In search of an immediate resort to mask off the system of any drug traces, people get to do a lot of desperate moves. These moves, are actually helpful and it usually serves its purpose. Urinalysis for example, the most common of all drug testing procedures, has a lot of ways to be cheated upon. […]

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