How to Pass a Drug Test for Crystal Meth Fast

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When it comes to employment opportunities, various types of drug tests can be used by employers in order to screen candidates.

However, this is never a deterrent to your goals.

With the advice and information we have offered about passing any potential drug tests for meth, we are confident that nothing can come between you and that dream job that you are applying to!

What are drug tests looking for

So before we move onto the practical stuff, it is essential that you know about the basic science and pharmacology behind using a drug such as a meth.

After absorption of the drug by the bloodstream of the body, the concentration levels of meth are at their peak between 3-6 hours post-use (on average).

The primary site of drug metabolism is in the liver.

This is the point where the drug will be broken down to its main metabolites which include amphetamine (active), 4-hydroxymethamphetamine and norephedrine.

These are among the key metabolites that are present in the body after usage.

After being broken down in the liver by liver enzymes, the metabolites will be released into the urine which is the primary route of elimination.

Around 7 metabolites in total (including those mentioned in the previous paragraph) can be detected in the urine which makes it the most effective method for detecting meth.

For the hair drug test, the key metabolite is amphetamine, whereas, in the case of saliva tests, multiple metabolites can be detected.

Detecting amphetamine in the system further relies upon each user’s age, health quality, metabolism, hydration levels body mass, physical activity, and other factors.

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How long does Meth stay in the body

Understanding the detection period or ‘half-life’ of the drug can be useful information for you.

This enables you to calculate when you last used the drug and plan the next steps accordingly.

The detection times will usually depend on the type of drug test administered.

In most cases, this will be a urine drug test but there are chances an alternative test could be conducted as well.

  • For a urine drug test: the drug can be detected between 2-5 hours initially and can remain in the urine for around 3-5 days after use.
  • For a mouth swab test: the drug is present in the fluids in less than 10 minutes after first using it and will continue to remain in the saliva for up to 4 days after use.
  • For a hair drug test: the residues of the drug can enter the hair follicles and remain in the structure for up to 90 days after initial use, making it extremely effective for detection and just as risky for the user.

How to pass a urine test

One of the most common ways of testing drugs such as meth is by administering the urine drug test.

Normally, the metabolite concentration level to which a urine test yields a positive result will depend on the testing kit.

However, on average, the sample of urine should contain at least 500-1000 nanograms/ml in order to give a positive result.

Therefore, passing the urine test is just a matter of ensuring the previously mentioned cut-off is not reached and this can be achieved through some pretty simple methods.

It only requires good understanding and commitment from your end.

Natural Detoxification

The most basic way of passing a urine test is to abstain from drugs in the first place so as to avoid adding drug metabolites to your system.

Drugs definitely do clear out of your body over a given period of time, which can range from a few days to a few weeks depending on the amount taken in.

Normally, in the case of meth, it can be difficult to detox by yourself and requires a lot of preparation (both physical and mental) and support.

It involves preparing for the withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, irritability and stomach cramps.

In addition to this, you need to ensure the residual metabolites are released from the body by having a healthy, enriched and consistent diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and fluids.

Getting as much exercise and physical activity as you can speed up your metabolism and rid the body of the metabolites at a faster rate too.

For more details on the natural detox process:

Dilution + Aspirin

This method is a quick and easy way of outsmarting the urine test, offering a same-day solution that can be carried out on the day of the test as well.

This method is good, but not much reliable, so use it on your own risk.

It involves taking a series of supplements such as electrolytes and Vitamin B12 along with aspirin in order to eliminate the unnecessary drug metabolites.

It will further increase and stabilize urine characteristics and concentration of other urine components such as creatinine.

This will make sure that the urine does not give abnormal results in terms of other essential components.

For more details on this method:

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How to pass a hair drug test

This kind of test looks for metabolites that have been deposited within the hair follicles.

This basis, together with the ability to detect drugs up to 90 days, makes it fairly difficult to passing the resistance of the actual test.

Nevertheless, the following strategies will drastically improve your chances of passing a hair drug test with ease.

Jerry G method

This method is quite drastic but it has been shown to have a significant success rate.

Quite simply, this process works by breaking the outer layer of the hair follicles and flushing out the metabolites deposited within.

It requires you to consistently bleach and dye your hair with hair dyes containing ammonia, followed by using a baking soda paste and an effective hair detox shampoo.

For more details on the Jerry G method: Jerry G Method to Pass a Hair Drug Test. Step-by-Step Instructions

Macujo method

This is an alternative hair detox method that has an even stronger record of success compared to the Jerry G.

It is a seven step-hair cleaning process which uses a series of (fairly unusual) products including vinegar and laundry detergent in addition to detox shampoos.

Similar to the Jerry G, it involves breaking down the hair follicles and flushing out the drug metabolites from the core.

Despite the expenses that go into this method, several users have vouched for its high success rate so it definitely is worth considering.

For further details on the Macujo method: Macujo Method For Passing A Hair Drug Test

How to pass a mouth swab test

A saliva or mouth swab test involves testing the saliva samples for traces of the drug.

The simplest way of ensuring this test is passed is by using a series of methods that dilute the metabolite concentrations and neutralizing the toxins.

These strategies are mentioned below.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is an example of a typical mouthwash and simply requires you to thoroughly rinse your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide around an hour before the test.

Read more here: How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Pass Mouth Swab Drug Test

Toxin-Cleaning Mouthwashes

An alternative but highly effective method is to use a detox mouthwash product such as Ultra Wash.

The effects will work within minutes and can be effective for around 1 hour with minimal chances of detection.

Its compact nature can make it easy for you to carry it to the test inconspicuously and rinse your mouth just before entering the lab.

Alternative methods of improving your chances of passing the saliva drug test are by staying hydrated by drinking lots of fluids, chewing ice or using specific detox chewing gum products (that work in a similar manner to mouthwashes).

For further information on how to pass a saliva drug test:

So there you have it!

We trust that the information we have provided so far will be helpful for you to better your chances of passing any drug test.

Make sure you follow all the attached links and carry out any relevant method down to the very last detail.

If it helps, you are free to conduct a few home tests before heading to the main test, just so you can increase your confidence and certainty!

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