Does Smoking Cigarettes Affect THC Detox?

First things first. Congratulations on finally deciding to cleanse yourself from marijuana. The fact that you want to kick the habit and get rid of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the active ingredient of marijuana, means you are off to a new start. Sure, learning a new habit can be difficult especially when you are used to smoking weed. Hence, a greater will power, discipline and determination is being asked of you.

Which brings you to the next question – can you still smoke cigarettes if you are on THC detox?

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Cigarette and Detox – Not a Good Combination

You may argue that cigarette is not as harmful as marijuana. But think about this. Cigarette and other forms of tobacco contain an addictive drug called nicotine, so by definition, it is still a drug. Second, cigarette may not cause you to eat a lot without getting full or make you laugh without saying anything funny but it sure affects how your mind and body works. Third, cigarette is addicting, period.

So by smoking cigarette when you are detoxifying only means that you are inviting toxics to come inside your body. Keep in mind that cigarette is one of the deadliest substances that can affect your health – in a bad way – and can contribute to various diseases. Even if you flushed out THC on your body, the toxins still remain, no thank to cigarettes, and you’re not entirely “clean” on the inside.

So, what’s the best thing to do?

Stay on the clean, healthy path, of course. Quit smoking and drink lots of water. Push yourself to get up and exercise and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. As much as possible, include greens and fiber-rich foods in your diet and stay away from junk foods and red meat.

You are already or at least in the process of detoxing weed out of your body. Don’t waste your efforts by lighting up even just one cigarette stick.

Does Smoking Cigarettes Affect THC Detox?
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