What Is Synthetic Urine Made Of?

In search of an immediate resort to mask off the system of any drug traces, people get to do a lot of desperate moves. These moves, are actually helpful and it usually serves its purpose. Urinalysis for example, the most common of all drug testing procedures, has a lot of ways to be cheated upon. One of these is synthetic urine.

Drug users would usually smuggle inside the drug lab, a small bottle of synthetic urine where the drug user will exchange his original urine with for submission and testing. What is this synthetic urine made of, anyway? It is a scientifically mixed liquid to form like a natural urine. Below are the 4 components considered:

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Chemists from the head shop creates this imitations. They first checked temperature of actual urine and they add chemicals for the liquid for it to appear authentic.


The artificial urine cannot just look like any liquid. It can’t just be any color. Chemists managed to make it look exactly like that of a true urine, anything but colorless.

PH Level

This is as well measured from the original urine and certain component were diluted for it to appear original. This is then tested and improvised in the mixture.

Creatinine Level

Minimal creatinine level cannot be a factor to make urinalysis positive. Chemists includes minimal solutions in synthetic urine for it to be like that straight out of the body.

Synthetic urine is the fastest way to pass urine drug test for any drug user, so far. This requires no detox process to be done in the drug-intoxicated body. The skill is focused on smuggling the little bottle containing the synthetic mixture and discreetly switch it with the actual urine. This, however, puts legal aspect at risk. You can be in further trouble once you get caught with this.

What Is Synthetic Urine Made Of?
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