THC Detox Facts and Myths

Tetra Hydro Cannabinol or THC is a chemical compound present in the herb cannabis sativa. The herb is commonly known as marijuana. Detoxification is an abrupt withdrawal process from any addictive activity such as smoking or drug intake.

There are various misconceptions about THC and detoxification alike. Classification of truth versus false beliefs about the hemp requires careful study.  Of these negative associations, THC detox myths appear to actually derive from facts, with just a little addition or deduction of terms. See below some of the most common confusion.

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MYTH: THC is addictive, thus, detoxification can be strenuous.

FACT: Though excessive use of the hemp can progress to obsession, studies show that it is easy to withdraw from marijuana compare to that or alcohol and other drugs.

MYTH: THC detoxification can cause brain damage.

FACT:  Though THC intoxication can cause “high” feeling, this easily passes out once this is flushed out of the body system through urine and sweat. However, fatigue will take over. But then, braid damage is unlikely.

MYTH: The potency of THC in today’s marijuana is greater than before, therefore, the detox process is required to be intensive.

FACT:  Marijuana used before and today are exactly the same herb, so potency for both is the same or unchanged. The amount of THC compound in the hemp has never been altered nor there was an advanced addition to it.

MYTH: THC component in marijuana causes cancer.

FACT: Recent studies have discovered that marijuana can even alleviate pain caused by cancer, and is apparently close to curing cancer, not the other way around. Also, THC has been used to pacify muscle strains and seizures brought about by cancer.

MYTH: High dose of THC can result to serious medical conditions.

FACT: Medical marijuana has been used as a treatment for various ailments like nausea, muscle spasms, and other symptoms.

THC Detox Facts and Myths
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