How to Use Synthetic Urine with Someone Watching

In supervised or observed urine tests somebody is physically present to ensure that the sample submitted has not been tampered with or substituted. In such a situation tampering or adulterating the sample is harder than replacing the sample with synthetic urine, although neither is easy.

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Problems with Substitution

Using synthetic urine becomes complicated when there is another person in the restroom. Concealing the container, ensuring that there is no fumbling while pouring from the container, ensuring the sample is at the right temperature and, for the amateur, there is no noise in opening the container.

Carrying the Synthetic Urine

It is essential that the synthetic urine is properly concealed. One of the most common ways to do so for an observed test is to tape a small plastic bag between the legs so that you can open the bag in a controlled way while simulating urinating.

There are also devices available that can be taped on to the penis or inserted into the vagina containing synthetic urine that simulates urinating. Some more enterprising, and extremely foolhardy, people try to inject urine into the bladder using a catheter which can cause infections galore.

The main point in transporting synthetic urine into the restroom is that it must be concealed and it must appear to the observer that the sample is being collected through the natural process of urinating.

Practice, Practice, Practice

No matter what method or tool you use to take the synthetic urine to the restroom, you have to practice how the sample will go into the collection cup. There are horror stories of leaking bags and situations where the sample dropped into the collection cup and beyond because there was no way to control the flow. Before attempting to substitute synthetic urine in an observed test you have to practice, almost as if preparing for a magic trick!

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How to Use Synthetic Urine with Someone Watching
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Kylie Wilson

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Anonymous - October 13, 2017

Is this legal?

dee - November 29, 2017

with the female whizzkit, how do u seriously pull out the tampon through ur test, thats just not on, is there any other device or anything i can take like an hr or two b4 my test, which is supervised, and has to for heavier drug than thc?

Anonymous - November 30, 2017

Anyone have idea how a women can do it while being watched

    Sarah - January 4, 2018

    Use bottle small enough to fit inside you but big enough to hold enough urine. Use 2 layers of aluminum foil to cover top and use electrical tape to keep foil in place. Make sure it is tight enough that it doesn’t leak. Insert and use finger nail to break the foil and let urine into cup. Has worked for me dozens of times.

      Me - January 25, 2018

      What if you have to pee into a “hat” using no hands?

        Jae - February 15, 2018

        I want to know that question also. Wish someone would answer and help us out,. For every problem there’s a solution. I have a supervised drug test with the hat in the morning. I have about 9 hrs. Sucks I did that go for 4 days straight. I’m sure feeling guilty.

      Miss airr3n - June 6, 2018

      Use a thin layer of hot glue along the top of the bottle then while still hot, place a piece of foil bigger than the opening down pressing firmly down along the edge too the glue cools) only takes like 3-4 sec.) Then remove excess foil around the edges slowly.. turn upside down and back pressing lightly against your hand to look for any leaks.. if you catch one just put a tiny dab of hot glue on the outer edge to seal the leak.. let cool.. check again.. and get to stuffing!

      All tape leaks!
      Rubber bands leak\cause foil to tear prematurely!
      Also o suggest wearing a panty liner just in case as well.
      ★5hr energy bottles work perfect!
      And you DO NOT NEED TO KEEP THIS INSIDE YOU FOR TWO HOURS ect to make body temp.. just warm up in microwave before you apply foil for about 10 sec.. cover w\dinner.. shake well… It should be more than you need it to be before you seal and ‘stuff’ it will cool faster than you think while you are sealing up.. when it’s not too hot (w\in 5-8 min)
      Stuff it and get on your Merry little way.. good luck

anon - December 15, 2017

Stop doing meth and heroin

Donna - January 20, 2018

Anon, She said she smoked marijuana so where did u come up with meth and heroin. That’s probably what you use.

Minnesota Gal - February 24, 2018

@Jae and ME:
Did either of you ladies figure out a successful way to do such while being watched and having to “pee” into a hat????

    Anonymous - April 4, 2018

    Use a baby nose sucker bend and fold the rubber part so it can get in in the first place then flex your lady muscles and it will go into the hat it works for me!!!
    And to not get it to leak before the test just bend and fold the nozzle at the end and flip it into you untill you are at the test then flex ur lady muscles and it will come out.

      Anonymous - April 29, 2018

      Never had to do anything like this in 45 years! I guess it’s just time to stop smoking unfortunately!!

Leelee - June 15, 2018

I am going to try the baby bottle inside of me, using kegals to release the pee…
I really wanna make a female whizzinator at home tho…
I have the surgical tubing..
Now any ideas?? What kinda bag do I use to attach the hose to?
Also the tube needs a valve to control the pee flow..

    Dontevergiveup - June 15, 2018

    Use a douche or a fleets enema…..I’m trying to think outside the box. I have to pass an observed urine today as well????????

Shane Patterson - July 31, 2018

I’m in a dilemma…i have an observed drug screen thurs. at the methadone clinic…so I can’t use drinks cause I can’t show up 100% clean or they’ll think I’m selling my meds and not taking them!!! What can I do…i have a few xanex in my system and I personally don’t think I could drink the Atlantic Ocean and not be clean by Thursday…please help

Me - September 4, 2018

A blood pressure pump bulb. Cut it off, put the pee in, secure it with a toothpaste cap, put it up there and using one of your fingures with the hand holding the pee cup, pop the lil open. Ask them to run water, talk to them, cough etc. anything to make noise in case it makes a pop sound when you open the cap ( but if you do it super slowl and carefully it won’t make that sound) then use your muscles to get the pee to flow. Doesn’t take much so one slow already kegal will do the trick

Meditj - October 12, 2018

What if u have to use a wand


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