Will Gabapentin Show Up In A Drug Test?

Gabapentin is a drug commonly prescribed to treat 7 cases, including epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety disorders, hot flashes, bipolar disorder, restless leg syndrome and neuropathic pain syndrome. Additionally, other 3 effects make gabapentin likely to be chronically misused and abused, including: relieving or reducing pain, feeling relaxed, and improving the overall well-being.

Gabapentin is available in many brands, such as Gralise, Horizant, Neurontin and Gabarone.

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How does gabapentin work

Gabapentin is similar to a vital substance in the brain known as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Gabapentin alters 2 enzymes, including glutamate decarboxylase (GAD) and branched chain aminotransferase (BCAT), resulting in the previously mentioned effects.

How long does gabapentin stay in your system

Research shows that the half-life of gabapentin is 5-7 hours, which means that within an average of 6 hours post-administration, half the administered dose of gabapentin is eliminated from your system. Thus, the whole administered dose is likely to stay in your system for 1.15-1.6 days.

Importantly, there are other factors that can significantly affect the duration gabapentin stays in your system. Those factors differ from a person to another, including:

  • age
  • body mass
  • whether you’re a mild or a chronic user of gabapentin
  • How much efficiently your kidneys are working. That determines the rate of gabapentin elimination from your system.

Will gabapentin show on a drug test?

No, gabapentin is not likely to show on drug tests. There are 2 reasons actually: the required drug tests, such as the 5-panel drug tests, or the 10-panel drug tests, test for narcotics and other substances; none of them is gabapentin. The second reason is that gabapentin is not a scheduled drug or controlled drug. Scheduled drugs are cautiously dispensed and commonly tested for.

How long is gabapentin detectable

Up to 2 days since the last does, gabapentin is likely detectable in your blood, urine and saliva. However, depending on the functioning efficiency of your kidneys, as well as other factors, that duration can variably differ.

For example, a 400-mg dose of gabapentin has once had a half-life of 132 hours, when ingested by a person with renal failure. That can result in prolonging the time gabapentin stays in this person’s system for around 30 days.

Hair and fingernails

Gabapentin is not likely to be detected in your hair; nor fingernails. Around 100% of the administered dose of gabapentin is fully excreted unchanged in the urine, which makes the urine the best medium to detect gabapentin.

What drug tests will show the presence of hydromorphone

Three types of drug tests can show the presence of gabapentin in the system, including:

  • Blood analysis
  • Urinalysis
  • Saliva-based tests, such as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

How is gabapentin stored in the body

Gabapentin is not metabolized in the system; but, it is fully excreted unchanged by your kidneys, as mentioned above. As a result, the storage of gabapentin in the system depends on certain factors that can affect how much quickly/or slowly gabapentin is eliminated from your system.

The concomitant use of drugs, as well as your diet is amongst those factors. In case you are concomitantly taking other drugs that can alkalinize your urine, gabapentin is likely to be stored for longer duration in the system, and so is the case with your diet.

On the other hand, in case your diet or the drugs you’re concomitantly using cause your urine to be more acidic than normal, gabapentin will be quickly eliminated from your system.


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Will Gabapentin Show Up In A Drug Test?
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