Will Lorazepam Show Up in a Urine Drug Test

Lorazepam, also known as Ativan or Orfidal is a high-potency drug which is most commonly used to treat any form of anxiety disorders. The drug is sedative and hypnotic at the same time, which is why this is commonly misused. Just like any other drug, this has high relativity to physical addiction.

For Urinalysis type of Drug Screening, this is usually one of those that are being attempted to detect. Users of this drug are faced with a difficult hurdle in case they have been using this and a random DT is mandatorily required for them. So, in case a week from now, you’re scheduled for drug screen, will Lorazepam show up in Urine Drug Test?

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If upon learning of the schedule, you still do not stop taking in this drug, you will definitely get positive. Just like any other drug, Lorazepam have similar metabolites which are sucked in by body fats and these will technically show up when your urine is collected and brought to the lab for inspection.


If you are just using this occasionally, the drug metabolites are out of your system in the next 48 to 72 hours. So, you still have a few days to steer clear of the drug and eventually pass the drug test. Lorazepam is present in some of the medicinal dosage given to patients with insomnia and other anxiety conditions.


In case you do not know yet, contents of Lorazepam are also present in some over the counter drugs sold at the local pharmacies and drugstores. For you to be completely safe, avoid taking in any drug at all, be it for anxiety or otherwise, in order for you to ultimately make sure your results will come out negative.

You might be surprised to see you’re positive when you do not use it anyway. Or, you will be equally surprised, with relief, in case you turn out negative when you have been using it all the way. Still, the best suggestion to follow would be, to get away from Lorazepam as much as you can and take it with moderation when it is necessary.

Will Lorazepam Show Up in a Urine Drug Test
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Misty - February 28, 2017

I just wanna no what lorazepams show up in a drug test if it’s the same as Diazepam and xanax. If their all the same on a drug test cause I have a prescription 4 Diazepam and my husband takes lorazepams

    Anonymous - August 23, 2017

    It will mot show up in a low dose. Say, 0.5 or so. Even an hr before an exam. Wont show up. Too small a dose.

LELAND - April 11, 2017


uvynone@nycap.rr.com - June 20, 2017

I have been on lorazipan for years. i lost my son in suside and have had many bad losses in my life. I have been taking lorazipan and the urin test show that if haven’t why is that. the doctor thinks i have forgetting to take the drug but I haven’t and now i am extremely nervous and i don’t know what way to turn.

Knowmyshit - June 20, 2017

Yes it will show up for up to at least 3 days

Kmc - December 8, 2017

Ok I take lorazepam after a living donor lung transplant.. I take it faithfully every day and night. However on my urine drug screen it is only showing up randomly and now the clinic thinks I’m not taking as prescribed. How is this possible? Metabolism different in transplant patients?

    Anonymous - December 14, 2017

    Having been prescribed 1mg twice daily for a number of years, it didn’t show up on three urine drug screens taken on one year intervals. The doctor will not refill the prescription – thinks that I sell the medication.

J matt - December 29, 2017

I toke lorzepam 1 mg the night before a urine test. Will it show up in my test for a job will it fail me even tho i have a prescription?

Alvara Miller - April 19, 2018

How is it possible for Lorazepam not to show up in urine test when it’s taking everyday? Would cannbinas or detox keep it from showing up?


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