Will Nyquil Show up on a Drug Test

Nyquil is an over the counter medication indicated for the treatment of common cold. The greatest majority of medications manufactured under the Nyquil brand do contain substances such as hypnotics, antihistamines (sedative substance). Therefore, these medications are intended to be used solely before going to bed. Some of the medications can be obtained only through prescription, and some people develop a certain addiction to these medications. They rightfully wish to know if Nyquil can give a positive result on a drug test…just make sure to read the information below to find out.

Can Nyquil give a positive/false positive result on drugs?

In case you are taking the types of Nyquil medications that you have to sign for at the pharmacy, chances are you can get a positive result on a drug test. How is that possible? Those medications do contain a substance called “pseudoephedrine”, and this substance is a basic ingredient in Methamphetamine (“meth”).

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However, there is no real reason to be concerned. All major drug tests are developed to look for illegal drugs. Nyquil medication can be purchased as OTC medication, or your doctor might have indicated you should take them for your flu symptoms. For your peace of mind, you should just inform the test administrator that you are taking Nyquil, and you should be fine.

Even though the chances are slight that you will test positive for Amphetamines while you are taking Nyquil, this really depends on a great variety of factors. These include the regular dosage you take, the length of the treatment, your metabolism and many other such interconnected factors. Before taking a drug test, it is imperative that you inform healthcare experts about the prescription or OTC medications you have been taking lately. This will help them make the difference between a clean positive and a false positive drug test.

Will Nyquil Show up on a Drug Test
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