Will Steroids Show up on a Drug Test

Steroids are performance enhancement synthetic substances which promote the growth of skeletal and muscular mass. Many people involved in sports are taking steroids on a daily basis, but since they might be subjected from time to time to drug tests they are wondering if steroids might show positive results. So what is the truth about steroids and drug tests? Do steroids show up? Is there any reason you should worry about if you are on steroids and about to be tested for drugs? Find out the answers to these questions below.

Steroids & drug testing

There are different types of drug tests available such as blood testing, saliva testing, urine testing or hair follicle tests. These drug tests are developed so as to look specifically for certain illegal drugs in your system- such as Opiates, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Heroin and so on. Now, there are 5 panel drug tests available, 7 panel and even 12 panel tests available. The number of the panel refers to the actual number of different drugs tested for with that test.

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The truth is you should not worry at all. None of the drug tests are specifically looking for the existence of steroids in your system. Employers are basically looking for illegal drugs and not for performance booster substances such as steroids (which are hormone based products, and not drug content substances).

Steroids can lead to addiction, but not the kind of physiological addiction caused by illegal drugs. When you are subjected to a drug test, you should not worry that steroids will give a positive or false positive result on any drug. If that makes you feel more comfortable, simply inform the test administrator that you are taking steroids. Also, if you are taking any other prescription medication you should inform health officials about this fact. Some of these meds can give false positives on Benzodiazepines or even Amphetamines.

Will Steroids Show up on a Drug Test
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