Will Suboxone show up on a Drug Test

Drug tests can be performed on an announced or a random basis before athletic competitions, as part of the hiring process or even at your workplace. So what happens at a drug test if you are taking Suboxone? Will it show up as positive? Make sure to read more in-depth information on the connection between drug tests and Suboxone below.

Suboxone & Dug tests

Suboxone is a synthetic opioid, and this means it has similar effects to the opiates obtained from the poppy plant, but your system metabolizes it differently. Since it is an opioid and not an opiate, it will not show up on a drug test. Regardless of whether you are subjected to a urine test, a saliva test or a blood test, Suboxone will not show up.

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It is extremely important to keep in mind however, that a toxicology test can reveal Suboxone. These toxicology tests are specifically designed to reveal derivates of prescription medications such as Suboxone. Unless you are subjected to such a toxicology lab test, you should not worry.

How can be Suboxone detected in urine

As mentioned earlier, a regular drug test will not detect the existence of Suboxone in your system. However, there can be run specific urine tests where they look for the existence of Suboxone in your system. When such special toxicology tests are used, you should be careful as they can reveal almost all types of opioids (synthetic narcotics) in your system.

Furthermore, Suboxone does not show up when you take home drug tests. This opioid will only test positive on Buprenorphine when special toxicology tests are used. If you are taking Suboxone as part of your treatment, make sure to inform the drug administrator about this fact (by showing your prescription, just in case).

Will Suboxone show up on a Drug Test
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