Products for Permanent Detox

If you would like to cleanse your body completely from all toxins prior to the test or are not sure what test is required we have a product just for you.

  • $ 59.99 $ 77.99

    1. Permanent Results
    2. Time to detox: 7 days
    3. For those who have enough time, and want to detox, this kit will cleanse you in 7 days. Flush waste and toxins (such as cocaine, THC, marijuana, meth, alchohol, nicotine and other pollutants) from your whole body at a steady pace and meet the future with no worries.
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  • $ 109.99

    1. Permanent Results.
    2. Time to detox: 2 months
    3. Designed for heavy weight individuals or those with a history of drug use, the Extra Strong Cleansing Program is also an excellent value with a 30% savings over purchasing each product individually.
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  • $ 57.99

    1. Permanent Results
    2. Time to work: 25 days
    3. This product set is intended to allow you to prepare for a urine drug screen starting 25 days before your test. The QPretox Capsules are to be used daily while abstaining from drug use. The QCarbo beverage should be used on test day as a fast acting flush.
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