Fast Marijuana Detox Kit (Extra Strong)

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This is our most powerful solution.

Designed specifically to provide the EXTREME STRENGTH necessary for those of you with higher toxin levels or larger body mass.

How It Works

This kit works by combining diuretics (a substance which increases the frequency of urination) with an increased water intake. Using this method works to rid your body of any THC metabolites that have accumulated due to cannabis consumption. It a technical and complex mixture that resembles a diuretic itself, whilst adding and diminishing the correct amount of chemicals and compounds to and from your urine.

After using cannabis, THC metabolites are present in and continuously gathering inside the bladder. In order to rid your body of these compounds, you must use this Detox Kit along with the recommended amount of water. Combining these two factors will dilute your urine to a drug-test suitable level.

Simply drinking a large amount of water whilst taking 'normal' diuretics will not work. Why? Because your urine will become too diluted and test givers will be aware that your urine has been tampered with or you are attempting to cheat the test. This method will also more than likely mess up your creatinine levels which are also tested for in a urine drug test. To ensure your creatinine levels, THC levels, level of dilution and more are sufficient to pass a drug test by providing clean urine, use this Detox Kit.

Questions & Answers

Can a lab detect it?

The products in this kit are made from the finest natural ingredients and cannot be detected.
No Golden Seal which is detectable in drug testing.

Will it permanently clean my system?

Results are temporary, lasting up to 5 hours. Manage your time accordingly.

If you need to permanently clean your system, use Premium 7 day detox kit.

How long would it take to work?

Starts working in 90 Minutes and is effective up to 5 hours.

Is it safe?

This kit is completely safe for you health, but don't use this product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have kidney or gallbladder disorder or disease. Or if you are allergic to one of the ingredients.

How long would it take to arrive at my house?

We have option for overnight shipping with Saturday delivery. Check our shipping terms.


Creatine Monohydrate, Gentian Root, Alfalfa Leaf, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Echinacea Purpurea Herb Extract, Juniper Berry, Milk Thistle Seed Extract, Cayenne Pepper, Guarana Seed Extract.

Are there any side effects?

Possible side effects: nausea, dizziness, diarrhea or cramping.

Product Description

The Marijuana Detoxification Kit includes a 20oz. bottle of QCarbo Plus, one pack of Super Boost Tabs, one QClean chewable detox supplement, and one THC-marijuana test device.


This product set is intended for use on the day you need to be clean. Start your detox regimen 2 hours before test time.

Step 1) 2 hours prior to testing, drink 20 ounces of water.
Step 2) Wait 20 minutes and then drink the entire bottle of QCarbo Plus with all 4 Super Boost Tabs.
Step 3) Refill the empty QCarbo Plus bottle with water, wait 20 more minutes, and drink again.
Step 4) Urinate two times and then use the included self-test kit. If results are as desired, submit your test sample as soon as possible. If results are failing proceed to step 5.
Step 5) Chew the QClean tablet with 32 ounces of water. Wait an additional hour and be sure to urinate several times before going to your test.


  • Do not eat any large meals before using this product.
  • Urinate as often as possible. This is an important step in the cleansing process.
  • Drink plenty of water in the days prior to your emergency flush
  • Avoid all unwanted toxins for 48 hours prior to the time you desire to be clean. (The longer the better!)
  • Results are temporary, lasting up to 5 hours. Manage your time accordingly.

Warning: Consult your physician before using this product if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

  • By Chris at Sep 6, 2018
    Verified purchase
    I like others, was very sceptical l about this product. I have to take a drug test in a few days and have to find a 1 day cleanse. I smoke almost everyday, but only a couple to a few puffs. I bought 2 of these kits so I could try one before I relied on it the day of the test. I followed the instructions for the first part of it and then took the included test. Since I couldn't see the 2nd line clear like the 1st line, I thought it didn't work. I looked closer and did see a faint yellow line. The instructions did say it would be faint. I then opened the test strip I bought from Walgreens just to verify the results. Both lines were clearly visible. I passed both tests. It will be a few days before I have to take the real test, but I feel extremely confident I will pass. I will use the kit then along with the test strip before going to get tested. I also bought on Amazon a 15 strip kit just to have multiple tests. I did not have to consume the 3 tablets that I understand are quite horrible. I highly recommend this product. I am not in any way associated with this company. I am just excited about being able to start a great job because of it.
  • By Tom G at Aug 14, 2018
    Verified purchase

    This is the first online product I've ever written a review for. I was initially skeptical of the kit even after seeing the astounding amount of positive reviews, so I looked at other products to see if there were any negative reviews, which there were for some. All these reviews are real, and mine is too.

    I smoked everyday for two months then took a urine test two weeks after for an important job. I'm 165 lb and have a very healthy body and metabolism but was still freaking out and exercising like crazy, and still failing some of the home panel tests.

    I followed the directions from the kit, then took my test after having to wait about 3.5 hours after starting the kit process, only to have the nurse give me the wrong one by accident and having to pee again. About hour 4 out of 5 this product is suppose to work I drank some more water to help pee again, and took a second test.

    I was super nervous I peed out whatever makes this work on the first try, but i ended up passing! I'm not sure if this is 100% due to this product, but I definitely believe it works. Don't think I've ever been happier about something in my life

  • By Ashley M at Aug 7, 2018
    Verified purchase
    Cannot believe it worked but it did! I have smoked multiple joints a day for at least 8 years. I'm 5'9" and 145 pounds. My urinalysis for court came back negative for everything. I will be recommending to anyone in my situation.
  • By Future nurse at Jul 6, 2018
    Verified purchase

    So I purchased this kit after I found out I didn't have the time I thought I did for the pre-nursing requirements. I stopped smoking in May and was still testing positive 50 days later. I though I was still going to have another 20 days and did not.

    I rush order this product and it did come in the time it was ment to arrive. The package was discreet which was nice! I had the cranberry drink which was not that awful however the chews were disgusting. But it did make me clean(at least I'm assuming it did being as I still have a spot in my program, I never actually got the results)

    I took three tests before going one positive and the other two negative. So I left for my test with in take the detox in three hour. Naturally I was extremely nervous. I took my test at the local LabCorp. I only gave this 4 stars however because after my test I took another at home test and came back positive so this did not last the full 5 hrs for me.

    Naturally I was freaking out after that but everything seemed to work out. I am a 5'5 190 female so that may have had an effect on the time frame for the product. However with that said I will absolutely be buying this again if I need too and I will recommend this product to anyone I know that requires a drug test. Yes I like to relax by smoking the green, but I also want to follow my passion and become a nurse.

    Thank you for this product I really wasn't sure if it was too good to be true but it's not! It is absolutely fantastic. If you're reading this I was not paid for this review although after spending $100 to overnight it I wish that I was haha. But in all seriousness this does get you clean with out masking it. I would do this again if I have too.. just remember it is a lot of water you have to drink.

  • By Soosy at Jul 4, 2018
    Verified purchase
    I passed!!! Thank you! You cannot imagein the happiness you made for me Thankkkk you
  • By Baxter Warren at Jun 25, 2018
    Verified purchase

    Like most people that have bought/thought about buying this detox kit, I was extremely skeptical! I've been an everyday (3-6 times a day) smoker for the past 7 years—bongs, blunts, dabs, all that good stuff. I'm 5'9" around 170 lbs. I applied to my first "big girl" job, and the hiring process went extremely fast. I applied Monday, got a call Tuesday, and had my first/last/only interview that Friday. I got the job! I stopped smoking the Thursday night before my interview. They sent an email that next Tuesday saying I would need to have a drug screening within the next week. I put it off until the following Monday (being weed free for 11 days) I knew it wasn't long enough for a natural detox, so I bought two of these thc detox kits (one to try before the interview and one for the day of).

    I did the first one Saturday before my interview, i drank the water as instructed and followed it with the detox drink 20 mins after with more water and then peed 6-8 times (I was waiting for my pee to turn neon like most said but it didn't happen), so I just did the at home drug test and it came out negative! I didn't need the chew tablets.

    So interview day came (I was still very nervous thinking the lab test would be more sensitive then the home drug test), I woke up at 6 and drank 20+ oz of water, waited 20 minutes and drank the detox drink, waited another 20 mins and refilled the detox bottle with water and drank it—peeing several times throughout the process. My pee was very neon this time around. I did the at home drug test about 1hr 30mins in and it was negative. But I ate the chewy tablets just to be extra safe for the real test (no lie, the tablets taste like dog food). I drank a lot of water and waited 30 mins then drove to a rite aid and got another drug test (went in to the bathroom, took it) and it was negative. So I got in my car drank more water and went to the clinic. I waited 10 minutes and got called back, I did the test and they sent me on my way. I was so nervous cause my pee was still pretty yellow, but they said nothing.

    I waited a few days with no word and was freaking myself out. The lady I used to babysit for is an hr manager for a company and she reassured me I would have heard something by now if things were bad. I emailed the company on Monday (a week later) and just asked what my next step was in the job process since I was suppose to be starting soon and took my drug test a week ago. Turns out they were having a problem with the system and had just not been able to get back to me. BUT I PASSED!!! Whoop whoop!!! I would definitely buy and use this kit again if needed!

  • By Cameron at Jun 22, 2018
    Verified purchase
    When looking for a detox kit I was trying to find one I knew worked. I had read many reviews, all being positive. But I had my doubts that the negative reviews could of been shifted out. I had followed the directions exactly as they were written. Took the at home test and passed without taking the chewables. I took the chewys anyways as a extra precaution. I had a hour drive to a orientation, then a screening afterwards. About a hour goes by and I head my way to the screening to find out there is a hour and a half wait. Oh and somebody pulled the fire alarm at the hospital so I was pretty worried I was pushing my time and the detox would no longer hide my toxins. Well to find out later that day, after waiting about 4 and a half hours, I still passed! Definitely recommend!
  • By Kelly at Jun 5, 2018
    Verified purchase
    This really does work. I followed the directions and it helped me passed my drug test. I didn’t even need to the tablets. I usually never write reviews but I want to help those who are skeptical about his product feel more reassure. I understand how it feels to almost get a job but bc you like to relax with a blunt it can potentially make you lose out at an opportunity. This will help you guys!! Just remember A LOT of water!
  • By Louise G. at May 18, 2018
    Verified purchase

    I had found out I needed to take a drug test on a Monday after my interview. They wanted to hire me which is a good sign, but it was scheduled for that Thursday.

    I panicked and looked up several different products and methods as I am an everyday smoker. I made sure to work out a bunch, eat healthy and only drink water up until the appointment and not smoke which is hard as I am a very heavy smoker and have been for years. Over an 8th a day I would say. I am also 168 pounds and I don't have a good metabolism.

    I tried the brand "detox" drink and all my at home tests were coming up positive. It also didn't taste good and made me throw up. I even got a friends urine just incase I couldn't find something that worked and then I came across this product. I read the reviews and they seemed to good to be true, but at this point I've exhausted most of my options and not passing was a no go for me!

    I not only wanted this job, but I needed it. I did my research and it had a 100 percent guarantee, so I had it over night shipped to my house. It arrived Wednesday night. It came with the drink, pills, extra tablets and a at home drug test.

    Thursday morning the day of my test I followed the directions on the package to a T. My urine started out clear and then became a neon yellow color on the 3rd one. I tested it on the 4th and it came up with a very faint line for it to be negative.

    I was worried it wasn't going to be enough to pass, so I took the tablets as an extra measure. Tested again and the line became a little bit darker, but was still pretty faint. I didn't have time to do anything else or test again, so I went to appointment. Waited 40 min they called me back and they gave me my UA before my pre-employment physical. The urine was still very bright, so I was worried about the color.

    Well I got my results back today after waiting 24 hours and I got the job! I passed!

  • By Amazing product. at May 13, 2018
    Verified purchase

    As all the previous users of this product, I was very nervous and unsure if it was going to work but had no choice as my screening test was scheduled by my future employer. I had already failed a previous test with another company before trying this product and therefore had really bad anxiety to say the least.

    Like I said, I had no choice and didnt want to buy fake pee as I knew I was going to be nervous that day and didnt want to get caught in any way. The drink was fine. I tested negative after just that but decided to take the chewable tablets just in case. I was amazed and rushed over to take the test. No lie, I struggled drinking all that water and my pee was neon. I was relieved that the nurse checked the color was normal. Anyways, after two sleepless nights and reading other people's reviews trying to convince myself it was alright, I received an offer letter.

    I highly recommend this product and if you read other comments of users on other websites, it's probably because they did not follow the instructions properly. This product really does work and I am so grateful!

  • By Imnottim at Apr 26, 2018
    Verified purchase
    I was very worried as I only got less than 24 hour notice of my drug test. I am a heavy daily smoker and I mean really heavy like a half an ounce every 2 to 3 days 150lbs male. I followed the instructions for the first part and used the included self test kit. I failed the self test and thought I was screwed. I proceeded to the next steps that are for if you fail the first half. I ended up passing and I am so excited to have an amazing job!
  • By Ivette at Apr 12, 2018
    Verified purchase
    I have successfully passed my drugscreen and newly employed for an amazing company. I am 5'5 female, 140 lbs and everyday user. I properly followed the instructions.
  • By HRguy at Feb 5, 2018
    Verified purchase

    Ok guys - honestly I read the reviews over and over again, and spent an entire day scouring the internet to find the right product. You see, I had been interviewing and things moved much faster than I expected. When at the end of my final interview day, I was told by the recruiter that everything looked good and that I was probably going to get an offer today or the next day.

    He added that we would figure out a start date as soon as I completed the background test ... and the drug test. When I heard those words, my heart sank and I started sweating! I am a daily smoker of hydroponic weed. I run through a quarter ounce a week, I'm 6ft, 288lbs not very physically active male, with basically 80lbs of extra fat on me. I have used the TestClear synthetic urine kit over 5 times successfully, and with one failure one time because I couldn't get the temperature down fast enough.

    Doing the synthetic urine kit makes me feel like James Bond, on the edge of death at any second. It's certain to work, provided the temp is right, however, the anguish and fear I feel about getting caught, is certainly physically and emotionally draining. Also, because I was interviewing with a regulatory agency, I feared I might be observed during the testing.

    I couldn't find information on the web that told me otherwise. So, I found this product finally, and the reviews were just so promising. I resolved myself that - hey, if I fail, so what I haven't lost anything I didn't have, so I decided to buy the Fast THC Detox kit, 2 kits just to be sure, and take my chances.

    I waited until the very last day that I could take this test, so I could give my self 72 hours drug free per the instructions. For those who say marijuana is addictive, it's ridiculous. I was just find during that time.

    The instructions said to start 2 hours before the test. I started at 11:15 am, followed all instructions and by 12:45 I passed the test kit included in the package. I grabbed my coat and wallet, smirked at my synthetic urine kits (had them as backup anyway), and raced (30mns) to the lab.

    I was tested within 20mns of arrival. I felt so relieved, first of all, knowing I wouldn't have to joust with adjusting the temp on a synthetic urine vile, it was unbelievable. I was actually smiling and feeling sooo easy since I had passed the included testing kit.

    I provided my sample (it all went so quickly) and I left there with peace of mind, having completed this crazy step. Still I was resolved to fail if necessary. 3 days later, I get the results that I passed the test. Can you imagine how I feel now?

    First of all, to have a kit that will definitely work, is half the battle to passing the drug test. The fast kit is the one that definitely works. Second, the stress of having to manage temperature control on synthetic urine was completely gone and not required. I could urinate normally!

    I cannot recommend this enough - because I'm definitely not gonna stop smoking, but if you really want to pass a urine test, this is your kit. I didn't have to take the additional extra pills that were included just in case, and the 32oz of water.

    I just followed the instructions TO THE LETTER, using my iPhone to time the steps, marking the steps off on the instructions, and being totally relaxed watching TV while proceeding through the test. OMG I'm gonna tell EVERYONE I know about this product, there is not a chance I will keep this to myself.

    I would put my email here if it was ok, because I would love for you to hear it directly from my mouth, while I'm working my new job. If I could rate this thing higher, I would rate it a 10 on a scale of 5. I'm SOOOO SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!!!! Ok that's it. I hope they publish this entire thing.

  • By Nikki at Dec 29, 2017
    Verified purchase
    So i did seven day detox ive been sober 38 days well i smoked 8 years non stop mostly nights so my morning wasnt passing quite yet, i had my drug test yesterday for a promotion i just did the drink and capsules im small and took the more serious detox :) Passed with flying colors got my email today. I was still getting faint lines with this, both were solid! Thank you for a great product.
  • By LEE at Dec 20, 2017
    Verified purchase

    Wow... I'm amazed at how well this worked!! I puffed a half J 5 days ago and burn every weekend and I saw my passing test with my own peepers!!

    I started with the 20oz water at 8:30, drank the bottle of stuff at 9, then 2nd 20oz of water at like 9:30...peed a couple of times and took the test that came with it at like 10:30 and passed. I still had to be extra sure cause I do know how sensitive the labs test may be.

    I took the 3 Q-chew pills with the 32oz of water and waited an hour. Pissed twice and passed a 2nd self test I got at walgreens. So went on to the lab and the lady dipped the stick in front of me so I could see. I was scared as shit because I didn't know if the lines would show up well enough to pass but they did... She even said they are very bright, lol. So not I can get back into medical school and puff as I wish!!

    Highly recommended!!! I will definitely get more to have as needed and recommend to my friends too!!!

  • By B at Oct 11, 2017
    Verified purchase
    I told myself that I would write a review for this product after I got back results for my drug test, fail or pass. I initially bought this product with lots of skepticism, but reading many of the different type of experiences from reviewed customers I felt a bit more at ease. I followed all steps precisely and had stopped smoking around 50hrs before test time. Felt pretty confident going thru all of the steps because they’re listed on the included paperwork and on the bottle of the drink. Went to take the included test and I failed, so I was instantly discouraged. Next thought was to go to the store and grab a legit thc test. Back to the crib, took that test and passed. So I immediately leave and drive to take my real test...the new job just called and said everything is all good. Product is legit, and will use again when needed.
  • By Sam at Oct 7, 2017
    Verified purchase
    This product worked for me! I only did the first step and it completely flushed my system and I passed the test. I had stopped smoking for about 72 hours prior to taking the test. Thanks!
  • By Ricky at Sep 27, 2017
    Verified purchase
    This product does work. I was as surprised as anyone who probably bought this and was skeptical. It does work if used correctly
  • By Work on weed at Aug 22, 2017
    Verified purchase
    So I ve never done one of these before but I had to say something about this detox kit. I was sober for 30 days for a new job so I thought I was in the clear for my first drug test; I wasn't but thank god there was a second test. I am an everyday smoker so I was panicking; I found this stuff online and followed it line for line. 72hrs of soberity and the kit I was cleared, this stuff works. It saved my ass and now I'm working for a great company.
  • By CAB at Aug 17, 2017
    Verified purchase
    After 2 1/2 weeks of abstaining, changing my diet, my lifestyle, and doing 4 different detox kits I had lost hope. I found this kit online. The reviews were fantastic, so I overnighted it to my house and I PASSED! Never would have believed it but I worked. Next time I will go directly to this detox kit.
  • By NickkiTee at Jul 15, 2017
    Verified purchase
    Holy SH*T this SH*T WORKED!!! I was extremely sceptical at first and was fully prepared to get a refund should I get the confirmation that the test was positive. BUT NO! I just got the all clear to start!!! To be honest, I am a Heavy HEAVY weed smoker since 08, and have rarely stopped over the years. I stopped for 48 Hours and did everything the directions told you to do, and it WORKED!!!. Fair warning, the chew tablets taste TERRIBLE, just awful. I took the first and nearly puked, then realized i had 2 more to go :(. However the liquid tasted pretty good, i liked it. And another fair warning: Don't be discouraged with the self test coming up as positive, I took that one and 2 others after it, All came up positive, but the real test i was going in for came up negative. Just follow ALL directions and manage your time wisely.
  • By Ashley Shepard at Jun 14, 2017
    Verified purchase
    i promise promise promise this is not a scam.!!!! ok so i reapplied for a job that i used to work for and they surprised my ass with a drug test. well i started panicking like everyone else that smokes every day 3x a day lol i weigh 104 and I'm 5'6 (underweight for my height) so i researched and researched and read the reviews for this product and was like what do i have to lose. i rush ordered and ended up paying like 82$ and it came in the time it said t would now i just had to weight until testing day so testing day.... i start the process around 8:45am and follow the directions as followed. i take the at home test and it read again i begin to panic because my drug test was in a few i rush to walmart and buy 2 more at home tests, a 1 panel, and a 4 panel....they BOTH READ POSITIVE. at this point i was distraught and said fuck it you failed just go pee in the damn cup lol so after i pee in the cup i just sulk an contemplate life. i finally tell my mom i smoke weed and just gave up all together because i really need a job ASAP and i knew i just fucked my chances a lil to shorten this, lol i JUST got a call like 15 minutes ago from my employer and they told me i passed...the son of bitch actually worked. i even watched youtube videos that said they didn't work but apparently it does because i am employed lol i will say it is a giant risk but i fucking passed damnit.!!! wooooo
  • By nadejavuuuu at May 22, 2017
    Verified purchase

    Okay so I've never written a review for any product but I'm taking the time to write one because this product REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!

    I've been smoking since my sophomore year of high school, and I'm a senior in college now. For the past few months I would smoke everyday, which including multiple bowls and blunts each day. I got a call from a job that is really beneficial to my career goals. They said I could start the hiring process and would need to take a drug test at some point. At first I wasnt worried. I just stopped smoking. However, within the next week they called me saying I would have to take the drug test by the end of the following week. I freaked out!!! I had only been sober for one week and hadnt been detoxing or anything. I googled detoxes and quick remedies. I came across this site. I was SOOOO SKEPTICAL because I had heard that these things didnt work. However, after reading all the reviews, I became a little more convinced and I had ran out of options. I bought this specific one since I had less than a week to take the test.

    Days before the test I drank lots of water, ate very healthy and exercised. On the day of the test I took the detox product and followed the steps exactly. I had two self tests that came out positive after using the product so I was relieved. I went to the lab to take my test and have just found out that I passed!!!

    I promise this thing works! No one asked me to write this, but after it being successful, I had to write this review to help others out!!!

  • By Happy Customer at May 18, 2017
    Verified purchase
    This product absolutely works! I smoked for about 8 months every single day, sometimes twice a day. I applied for a higher position within my current company that required a drug test. The product came on time and I followed the directions carefully. I did abstain from toxins 48 hours prior and did the process on an empty stomach. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quick detox.
  • By Happy at May 3, 2017
    Verified purchase
    I never ever give a review but I had to give one on this product. This works exactly as directed. I am a happy camper right now.
  • By Sarah Parker at Apr 27, 2017
    Verified purchase
    This definitely works!! Took drug test today and passed! I will be starting a new job soon thanks to this product. I would absolutely recommend this to use to pass a urine test with negative results.
  • By Serena Fletcher at Apr 12, 2017
    Verified purchase
    This product is amazing! I smoke every single day 3-7 times a day, I stopped smoking 72hrs before my test. I took the self test after drinking the bottle and taking the caplets and it came up just barely negative. So I decided to take the second round of chewables ( I HIGHLY recommend chewing them with food because they taste down right terrible) and drank A LOT of water. Thinking I was going to be given a urine test I went in pretty happy, but then I got told that it was going to be a saliva test. I went through with the test even though I was very worried at this point. I still passed and got a very good job out of it!!
  • By John at Apr 9, 2017
    Verified purchase
    Hoo woo! I'm a 6' ft. 300 lb. 10+ year nightly smoker. I started my detox 4 days (96 hours) before my test, hit the gym and steam room 3 of the 4 days. I drank plenty of water over the 4 days and had a couple beers every night. On test day I followed the directions and passed my home test without needing the chewables. Took the real test and passed with flying colors. Thanks again!
  • By Kh at Mar 24, 2017
    Verified purchase
    This product worked great for me! I am a heavy user. 5-10 × a day for many years. Stopped smoking 7 days b4 test. Was surprised to find out marijuana lasted so long in your system(30+) days! I self tested 2 days b4 my work test and failed! Next day aired this product and followed test instructions to a tee. Passed with flying colors!! Thank you so much!! Ken
  • By Ann at Mar 8, 2017
    Verified purchase
    First of all I want to say THANK YOU for this product! Excellent customer service. I actually got the normal 5 day shipping for $18 and got it in 3 days! I actually stopped smoking the day I had my first interview since I was referred from another employee and didn't want to screw this opportunity up.

    I am habitual smoker. I smoke about 3-8 times a day, and even more on the weekend. I was 13 days clean with no smoking the day of my test. That morning I woke up & started the process around 8:30am. The first step is easy and the drink actually tastes great. I had the cran-raspberry. I passed the included test however, my nurse friend sent me 2 legit clinic tests that test for everything to try. That one my thc line was very faint. So I proceeded to the second step just for reassurance. Not going to lie, those chewables are ROUGH to get down. Luckily the 32oz of water helps. I waited an hour and peed 3 more times. The 3rd time I took the other test I had and was negative for everything so I proceeded to the test.

    The drive was 45 minutes away and when I arrived I had to go bad. My pee was a neon yellow and I was worried it was going to come back inconclusive. I submitted my test at noon so I was 3.5hrs into the process. Got the email & I am now working for a GREAT corporate company! I will use this product any & every time I need to pass a test!! Good luck to everyone else!!
  • By Rav at Mar 8, 2017
    Verified purchase
    I have to say this product really does work! I just landed an amazing opportunity thanks to this product and the amazing people that work at this company.Don't have doubts just take the jump with the detox,you will not regret it! Also if you want to be permenantly clean then get the 7 day detox, that one works as well.Just try not to drink more water than the directions state on the day of this 5 hour process because it can dilute your urine.Great product and I sware by this site!
  • By Anonymous at Feb 11, 2017
    Verified purchase
    While not a super heavy smoker, I smoked about half a bowl every night before bed for around a year and a half. I am 5' 11", around 170 pounds, and exercise around twice a week on average. I had been applying for jobs, and stopped smoking in anticipation of potential drug tests. The last day I smoked was 01/14, and I received word I had to take a drug test on 01/31, so I had 16 full days without smoking. I bought two of these, one to use as a test, and one for the day of the urine donation. I followed all the directions and passed the home test with flying colors. I then took the drink again on test day, as directed, along with the herbal chewables for an extra insurance policy. About two and a half hours after beginning the process, I made the urine donation. Then came the wait. The hospital had to send the sample off to the lab. In total, I had to wait seven business days before hearing back that I had passed. I start my new job in a week! Very much worth the money!
  • By Nancy D at Feb 11, 2017
    Verified purchase

    Ok guys this stuff is the REAL DEAL! I am a heavy consistent marijuana smoker. I applied for a job that of course requires drug testing. 2 days before my interview I smoked a blunt THINKING that they weren't going to test me the day of my interview, well I was wrong. I went to my interview unprepared and they tried drug testing me that day, I tried playing it off saying I couldn't pee at that moment so they gave me 2 glasses of water, waited 20 mins then had me go to the restroom.

    I was a nervous wreck!! I couldn't pee because it would deffn be positive for Thc. I came out the bathroom and sincerely apologized and told the lady I could not pee at the moment. LUCKILY she let me go and told me to come back the next day. Boyyy when I left my interview the first thing I did was look up different alternatives on how to remove THC from my body QUICK. So I came upon this product, read all the great reviews and got convinced this would work. $60 for the detox and I needed it for the next day so I had to overnight it so paid an extra $36 dollars to have it overnighted so basically paid $96 dollars in total, I didn't really care because I really needed the job. I recieved it the next day by noon just as stated, I followed all directions to a T.

    After waiting the 90 mins youre suppose to wait for it to kick in, I took the test that comes with the drink and it came out POSITIVE.

    I was getting disappointed not only because I spent so much on it but because I wouldnt be getting the job I so much hoped on getting. I took the next step which are the 3 chewable tablets, waited another hour, took an extra test I purchaed at the dollar store, and again POSITIVE. At this point I was PISSED because the tests were suppose to come out negative as I followed the directions EXACTLY as stated.. I was hesitant on even going back to do the drug test because I was too embarrased to fail. My boyfriend convinced me to just go and get it over with, he said I had nothing to loose. So fustrated I went and took my test, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. The lady came out and told me I did great as I had PASSED!!! It came out negative!

    I was sooooo relieved and greatful that this drink REALLY did do as it said it would especially after testing positive at home. Thanks to this drink I got my job and I'm happier than ever. I totally recommend this drink to everyone and anyone because IT DOES WORK!!!

  • By Penny at Feb 7, 2017
    Verified purchase
    I accepted a new job and found out after the fact that I needed to take a drug test. Having smoked literally the day before I was understandably freaking out. I researched for hours and finally settled on this product. I was 3 days clean before using this to take my test (I still continued to smoke cigarettes). Didn't eat the day of and followed the directions exactly. I took the included at home test after the drink and passed it, but I still took the chews (which are horribly disgusting) for peace of mind. I also bought 15 at home drug tests off of Amazon for $20 just so I could test again. I passed like 4 of those before going to the urgent care for my lab test. After 4 excruciatingly long days, I got word that I had passed the lab test. I'm so relieved and grateful for this product. Definitely works!
  • By Stubborn at Jan 13, 2017
    Verified purchase
    This stuff is amazing! I am going to be honest, I have been an idiot. I am currently going through some of nastiest court BS I have ever been through and I just won't stop smoking. I have been a daily pot smoker for about 20 years now. Usually 1-4 times per day. I got in trouble with Johnny law and they tested me. Of course I failed. The told me to quit, so i did, but only for about a month. Such an idiot! Court was coming up, I knew they were going to test me so I started looking for ways to pass it. Found this product, read the reviews, and had it shipped next day (the day before court). Then, like an idiot, smoked a couple of puffs that same night. I didn't flush my system with water at all, but followed all instructions besides that part. I passed the test at court and didn't have to go to jail. Thank God! And thank you! As I said, I was an idiot and I am not recommending being an idiot! My point is that this stuff really works. It's THAT good! I would recommend it all day everyday. I would also recommend giving yourself some time to prep/flush, like the directions suggest. Anyway, this stuff is amazing! Thanks again!
  • By Zman0925 at Dec 7, 2016
    Verified purchase
    All I can say is WOW - This product works. I had to take a urine drug test to get a job working for my dad's company and had been a habitual smoker. I had last smoked on 11/13 and found out the next day I would have to take a LabCorp test to get the job. Due to logistics, I was able to hold off on taking the test until 11/22. That still wasn't enough time to get clean, so naturally I started to panic. I had been a habitual smoker and am a big guy at 6'4 and over 300 pounds. Then I found this. I initially bought two - one to try at home to see how it worked and then one for test day. I tried it at home - followed all the instructions and passed the self test that comes with the product. I also took a first check test I picked up at CVS and passed. So I felt a little better. On test day I started the process around 10:00 and went in for my test at 11:15. Urine had actually been a little clear due to all the water, so I took some b12 to make the color a little more yellow and avoid dilution. I was told to expect the results the following day (11/23) and nothing came. Then Thursday was Thanksgiving and Friday came and went with no news. The holiday must've screwed up the lab so I didn't hear back until Thursday (12/1) when I was told the results were inconclusive and I would have to retest. I didn't know if the product had been working or if the sample was not handled properly. But I had no choice but to overnight the product again since I failed an at home test. I started the process again Friday morning (12/2) around 10:00 and went in to test at 11:30. I was prepared to fail after the results of the first test was inconclusive, but I heard back Tuesday afternoon (12/6) and found out I passed. This product really works and was a life saver. I'd recommend it to anyone in a similar situation. (I have no affiliation with this product or company and was not paid to write this review).
  • By Lisa at Dec 6, 2016
    Verified purchase
    THANK YOU!! Because of you I am not in jail today! My pee was really bright yellow but it's okay! I passed & was sent on my way. I know I messed up but you guys helped a mistake not make my life today. Just be detox drink did it, I wasn't even able too finish the 20 oz of water after because I felll asleep since my test was so early.
  • By MarleyBarbie at Nov 20, 2016
    Verified purchase
    Ok so I have to admit I was still hesitant on purchasing this product even after reading the reviews because it was just too good to be true, BUT ITS NOT.


    I had less than 72 hours to find a way to test negative on a drug test for nursing school. I couldn't ask anyone for their piss because everyone I know smokes. So this was really my only chance. I had to pay 30 something to have it shipped overnight which made the total price almost $100 but it's the best money I've spent in a while. I was clean for 48 hours, drank plenty of water and ate pretty healthy. My test was scheduled for 1:15PM. I started the process around 11. Followed the instructions super carefully & took the at home test about 15 minutes before leaving to the lab. It came out negative and I was STILL hesitant about it. I had some extra at home THC tests from the last time I needed to be clean and used not one or two but 3 of them to make sure I was ready and they all came out negative. I rushed to the lab, was in and out in less than 20 minutes and got my results the next day. It came out negative and now I'm all set to start nursing school! I can't thank this company enough for helping me! YOU GUYS ARE FXCKIN AWESOME!
  • By Huskyfan at Nov 3, 2016
    Verified purchase
    I am federally certified to do drug screens. I was told nothing will work. WRONG WRONG WRONG! I passed this with flying colors! I used my medical grade cup from work. I drank the drink, followed by half gallon on water, waiting for it to be in my system 2 hrs, then peed and BAM negative nelly! Doing a little dance right now! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • By gawd at Oct 25, 2016
    Verified purchase
    really works gives you a good "window" to pass your test just follow the instructions.
  • By BX Kid at Oct 22, 2016
    Verified purchase
    Product works perfect... daily smoker and I'm 215...I drank water and vinegar 2 days before and they follow the steps the morning of and got the job...
  • By Charles at Sep 12, 2016
    Verified purchase
    Product worked great I just followed the directions as accurately as possible and I passed my drop. I definitely recommend this if you know what day your test is .
  • By Noname at Sep 6, 2016
    Verified purchase
    I've always been skeptical about detox products but this is the first one I can actually trust. So I am currently on conditional discharge. It's like probation for first time offenders. I had a drug test today (I got a 2 weeks notice) so knowing this I decided to buy this product since I haven't stopped smoking. To not make this really long I'll get to the point. So I smoked a couple blunts last Wednesday , a blunt this Saturday and a bong rip on Sunday (even though I know it says to avoid all toxins 48-72 hours) which I highly recommend every one follows that. Anyways I woke up a couple hours before my drug test to start the detox process. After I followed every bring step by step I took the test it came with and passed! Then for peace of mind I bought a take home test (specifically for THC) from rite aid and I passed that one too!! Unfortunately I only ended up taking a cotton swab test but it's better to be safe then sorry. All I know is I will be 100% buying this product again in the future!!
  • By Deb at Aug 31, 2016
    Verified purchase
    I can not believe how great this stuff works great. I am a daily smoker, 5ft 9ins weight 165. I would recommend this to any person that needs this type of product
  • By yup at Aug 25, 2016
    Verified purchase
    100% works...just the drink was enough for me...
  • By Trish at Aug 9, 2016
    Verified purchase
    I normally don't write reviews on products I purchase but this one seems fitting. I'm on probation and i have scheduled drug test. So with the day approaching I was quickly flustered because I had been smoking, so I got online and searched for products and came to this website. I spent $31 to have it shipped in two days to arrive on time, it arrived exactly when it said it would, which was impressive. I was really worried about the instructions because I had smoked the night before and had a cigarette before the detox process (dumb I know, I would not suggest it). 48-72 hours before your body should be toxin free!!! I did the 20 oz of water, the drink, and the second 20 oz of water. I took the test that came w the package and I failed it. I ate the chews and I drank an additionally 32 oz of water, I had also purchased another in home test for my own personal reassurance and waited 45 mins and peed again and I was negative for all thc. I went to my probation office and passed the test. I'm about 5'6, 125 lbs, I'm very petite and I work in a factory so I'm continuously drinking water and sweating so I'm not sure how high my levels were but I am also a very heavy I'm sure they were pretty balanced. I Definitely recommend this product. The reviews reassured me, and I went for it best purchase I could have made, well worth the $31 in shipping. Thank you for a great product and customer service! Will be using this again in the near future!!
  • By MC at Aug 7, 2016
    Verified purchase
    Ok people.

    First: I have NO affiliation with this company except as a customer. I promise.

    I just started job hunting. I'm a nightly smoker for many years (about 1 bowl). The last time I got a new job I abstained for 35 days before I tested clean. Really sucked. So I started searching online for another option. Read all the reviews here and decided to try it. Today is Sunday, 08/07/16. I didn't smoke at all since last Tuesday. So, 5 days clean. Did drink wine every night. I don't exercise at all. 47 years old and 200 lbs. I wanted to try this out before having to do it for real ($60 to test but well worth the piece of mind to me). This morning, I got up, had 2 cups of coffee and started with the water. The drink itself really tastes pretty good. Filled the empty bottle per the directions and waited. Peed twice in the 45 minutes. Tested myself using the enclosed test kit. Came up negative. Very excited but I took it one step further (again, for piece of mind). I tested myself again using a Clear Test kit I purchased from Rite Aid. 100% clean with that one too.

    Again this was a "dry run" for me. I hated not smoking for a full month last time. I don't know if I could have smoked this past week but abstaining for a few days wasn't difficult for me. Just a little extra insurance.

    This is absolutely the first time I have EVER reviewed a product online but this is so important to many that I really wanted to share. As soon as I submit this review, I am purchasing a 2nd detox kit to keep in the pantry until I get that next interview.

    BTW, I didn't even have to take the chewables or the extra water. Tested clean without them. I might take them for the "real" test just as added insurance, but am 100% thrilled with this product. I hope the company makes a million if they haven't already. GREAT product!

    Thank you!
  • By pufflady22 at Jul 18, 2016
    Verified purchase

    Well I've smoked 2-8x per day for ten years or so. I found out on a Friday that I needed to take a drug test for a job by Tuesday. This product has the best reviews online, and there was no hope on my own so I decided to give it a try. First off, just want to say really excellent customer service. They shipped it just as fast as they said they would and were responsive with questions. The product was exactly as pictured.

    I have an average metabolism, am a little curvy but not overweight, and I do have kidney disease so technically I should not have tried this. BUT I was familiar with all the herbs and was comfortable trying it. I'm still blown away but IT WORKED!!

    I didn't smoke at all Friday-Tuesday, drank 60oz of water each day, but I still drank 2-4 beers or glasses of wine each evening.

    Two things that I would note for first time users of this product: The amount that you have to drink, just in sheer number of ounces, is kind of overwhelming. For me the toughest part was keeping it all down and not vomiting. I did not eat anything the day of and I don't think I would have been able to drink everything if I had. I also had a light dinner the night before and suspect that helped too. Also, the THC test that comes with it is just one use. I would recommend buying at least one more in case you have to use the chew tablets for peace of mind.

    For me, the test location was 45 minutes away and it took me longer to get through all of this than I thought just because I was slower drinking it than I anticipated. I would personally start 2.5-3 hours before testing. I made it just in the nick of time for my test.

    Even with my kidney issue I did not experience any pain or discomfort from the products. I HIGHLY recommend this and am so, so impressed, not to mention thankful.

    Now I have the job of my dreams at a wonderful company. Thank you so much!!

  • By Dan at Jun 26, 2016
    Verified purchase
    This works!!!
  • By Lisa at May 11, 2016
    Verified purchase
    Bought this for my husband to pass a test for a job. He is a big guy over 300 lbs and daily smoker. He quit 7 days prior to test day, followed the directions on bottle and also took the chewables and passes the test. Prior to this drink I purchased a different kind a month before that had him come up positive. This products really does work.
  • By Luke at May 6, 2016
    Verified purchase
    Stuff actually works
  • By Unknown at May 5, 2016
    Verified purchase
    I see there is only 29 reviews, so for those people out there that aren't sure about this product this definitely is a great product. I am an average person, 5'9 135lbs and I smoke about every other day almost everyday for the past year. I was offered a new job at a fortune 50 company which is HUGE for me. The first thing I was told was that I needed to take a pee test, i was prepared for this but I was stillI scared because I stopped smoking only 2 weeks before and the test was scheduled in two days. I quickly researched some detox kits but I wasn't sure if they would work but I took the chance anyways and bought the most reasonable one I could find. 2 hours before the test I followed every instruction to the T, and after a nerve wrecking weekend I got the call telling me I passed the test. Hopefully this review is helpful to my fellows potheads out there, I recommend this product to anyone.
  • By Chris Black at Apr 25, 2016
    Verified purchase
    Absolutely 100% worked!!! Heavy smoker for 10 plus years, 6'1" 220 lbs slow metabolism. Smoked a bowl because of nerves the day before the urine test (ecup). Followed directions to a T, just got results, passed, start new job next week!!!
  • By Bryant at Apr 12, 2016
    Verified purchase
    Wow. I had a drug test for a job I've been wanting for a long time and I finally got the opportunity to get . I had no other option but to trust this kit . It worked and I passed I start Monday ! If you follow the directions it works . Can't be more pleased!!
  • By Real at Mar 22, 2016
    Verified purchase
    Stuff actually works follow directions carefully. Works better if u stop smoking 48hours(2days). Drink as much water as possible within those days before test. But it aslo works if it last min. You need 2-3 hours before it enters your blatter. Pee ass much as possible. My pee was clear it turn bright yellow then it turned LIGHT GREEN... Once ot turn bac clear that is your windiw to pee clean urine. U only have any hour it only blocks the thc it DOESN'T CLEAN URINE OR SYSTEM PERMANENTLY.... BUT IT WORK. I PEE EVERY MONTH ON PROBATION FOR A YEAR NOW NEVER STOP SMOKIN
  • By Tomas V at Mar 9, 2016
    Verified purchase
    I live back in the Netherlands after living with parents and older brother in the United States for 10 years. My brother calls me to ask for advice. Never happened before. He had to take a drug test the next day for a job he wanted for a long time. In the states i always tried to beat the drug tests when I was on probation. I've tried them all. Some worked others a waste of time. But nothing is 100%. Found out about this product searching online. Told my brother to give it a try because of the good reviews. And he texted me this morning. He passed while he smokes regularly. Thanks yall. Made my brother happy and me also because for a change i was able to help him
  • By Believer at Feb 14, 2016
    Verified purchase
    So this is the first review I have ever wrote and I kinda feel like I had too because this stuff actually works. I got the job on a Thursday and had till Monday to do a drug screen before it's official. So obviously me being a smoker I smoked Wednesday the night before, so I drank about a gallon of water from Thursday till Monday and about 2 gallons of green tea lol I felt like a peed 3 to 4 times an hour. So on the day of my drug screen (Monday) I follwed the instructions word for word. After all that I still wasnt confident that this would work but i had no other choice I just had to wait and see. Two days passed by and I haven't heard from my job. I was getting ready to rate this a one and say this was fake, but in the third day I got the call that I was good to go and start training as soon as I can. This really works. I have 100% confidence now In this detox and I will definitely buy this again the next time I have a drug test and write another review about how that went. If I remember that is lmao ;)
  • By It's Friday, Craig at Feb 11, 2016
    Verified purchase
    HEAVY SMOKER(multpile times/everyday for 18+ years, NO BULLSHIT). Listen folks, it works! If you can trust any of the reviews on here, it's mine! I have smoked for almost 2 decades, everyday, multiple times per day. I took two weeks off and drank a lot of water and cranberry juice during those two weeks. At times I was peeing twice in an hour. Just as the directions say, two hours before my test, I started the detox. Got my results back yesterday and start my new job on Monday! DO NOT SPEND HUNDREDS WHEN YOU NEED ONLY TO GET THIS! Happy Tokin' and rest easy with this super easy detox!
  • By Mark at Feb 8, 2016
    Verified purchase
    I had stopped smoking for 3 weeks heavy user and followed the directions tested at a med clinc 10 panel for a large company and i passed just left them now its time to do it again i will do the same thing but dont have 3 weeks fingers crossed.
  • By Diana at Jan 24, 2016
    Verified purchase
    Got the call that I got the job on a Wednesday. I had smoked the night before. I ordered and received this kit quickly. I had 72 hours to get my urine test. I followed the directions to a T. Tested myself before, failed, tested after passed. Hurried to the med clinic for the test. Heard from the company a few days later, passed! I was so relieved and thankful, start my new job Monday. Thank you thank you! This stuff works and I had no side affects.
  • By Smokezilla at Dec 31, 2015
    Verified purchase
    I usually don't leave reviews and this product has gotten great reviews already but I'm a guy on the Internet and I won't lie. This shit works! I knew I possibly had a drug test coming up as I had interviewed for one about 2 weeks ago. I stopped for about 10 days but decided to the new Star Wars so I said f**k it I'll smoke. I had a bowl before the movie and ripped the gpen a couple times.

    The next day I went to see it again with another friend. Smoked two bowls a joint and another bowl after the show. I got word the very next day that I got the job. So I accepted but had 48 hours to take it. I tried to flush my system as best as I could. Drank well over 8 glasses of water and played basketball on Wednesday. I ordered the product overnight just to be sure and on the way home I picked up an at home test. Tested myself and I came up dirty so I had to put all of my faith in the product.

    Through a huge stroke of luck I wasn't able to take the test Thursday and so I took it Saturday (labs were closed for Christmas). Saturday morning I followed all the directions and didn't take the extra tablet because I came up negative with the at home test they included. I'm 6'4" 175 with a fast metabolism so it is possible I was clean without the product, but either way taking it was way better than not. I have already recommended it to one of my friends who will probably have to take a test for an internship and expect the same results for him too
  • By Laura (49 yr old IT professional) at Dec 11, 2015
    Verified purchase
    I had a new job opportunity come up and I had only 10 days to get clean from my daily pot smoking before the last day I could take the pee quiz. I took a home test 4 days before the test just to see...totally failed. I took another home test 36 hours before my pee quiz and it was no better than the first one. I was very freaked out. But I had ordered this 2 step detox product hoping like crazy it was not a scam product since my job was on the line! The morning of my 12:00 noon pee quiz I started following the instructions, lots of water, no food or vitamins, etc. I was SO NERVOUS to see if it worked. The detox drink was yummy, like Sprite but less fizzy, it was easy to take all 5 'horse pills' with the detox drink. The home test showed I PASSED! I couldn't believe it. I still ate the chewable tablet and drank more water just to be double sure, and that test showed I passed as well. I went into the lab and took the test. I PASSED and GOT THE JOB! What a relief, this stuff DOES work. Thank you!!!!
  • By SoCalGirl at Nov 12, 2015
    Verified purchase
    I consider myself a regular (daily) user but not a heavy user. I am a 135 pound woman and I know from past experience, that it takes 3 weeks of abstinence for me to test clear. I was being tested for a new job and had been cutting back but did not have 3 weeks to get clear.

    I last smoked on Tuesday night and abstained for the next 2 days. I took the product as directed on Friday morning. I took two at-home drug tests to be safe and they both were negative. I headed straight to the lab and they tested me negative as well. Coincidentally, I suffered a migraine later that night. While I do have a history of migraines, the fact that you are not to eat while using this product, coupled with much higher-than-normal levels of these vitamins in my system, I don't doubt that the two were related. Just a heads up - but don't let that deter you. THIS PRODUCT WORKS!
  • By Tara at Oct 29, 2015
    Verified purchase
    So great! Saved my butt and I got a awesome job! Thanks!
  • By jhon smith at Oct 27, 2015
    Verified purchase
    I'm a dude from the hoods of the Bronx and we smoke all day everyday. IIused this qcarbo to get a union job and I got it.and I just bought it again trust me this stuff works.just use as directed and u Gucci.
  • By viper at Oct 16, 2015
    Verified purchase
    great product, worked as advertised. Saved my job
  • By JP at Oct 11, 2015
    Verified purchase
    This is the best kit on the market, worked for me and I was a heavy user, stoped 48 hours before, follow the instructions that came with the kit as well as the instructions on each package.
  • By janzee at Sep 23, 2015
    Verified purchase
    I was hired for a job I really wanted. I was to test the very next day and I was really worried. so I stopped by my local head shop and he suggested this product. I followed the directions to the letter, and then went into the test the same day I drink the solution. I tested on my 4th Pee, anime urine came out neon yellow. I have been so worried over the last 9 days since I took the test. but I just got word today that I passed. I will definitely use this product again if needed.
  • By ME at Aug 29, 2015
    Verified purchase
    This stuff worked for me! Worth the $ no matter what! That is all.
  • By Dave at Aug 13, 2015
    Verified purchase
    I decided to write a review do to the fact i have successfully passed a drug test using this product. I am a daily user and i stopped smoking a week before the test because i found out i was having it and i was freaking out. I drank lots of water, exercised, and ate healthier. This helps eliminate many toxins. The day of the exam i woke up two hours before the test and drank the whole thing. It literally flushed out my System and on the fourth pee my urine was clean. this stuff WORKS !!!!
  • By Jeremy Calleto at Jul 27, 2015
    Verified purchase
    Bought this online, get it two hours into your system before you pee and your good to go. Got the job!!!
  • By reggie at Jul 10, 2015
    Verified purchase
    awesome. have bought three times and hasnt let me down yet. would buy again.
  • By molly at Jun 22, 2015
    Verified purchase
    Worked like a champ! Smoked the night before, but I am slight. Small stature. Will buy again!!!!
  • By kay at May 31, 2015
    Verified purchase
    Passed my test and got the job!!
  • By Melc at May 8, 2015
    Verified purchase
    If you want this for a drug test, start early. I failed at home but passed at the facility.
  • By happy at Apr 21, 2015
    Verified purchase
    all I can say is Igot the job just follow the directions and you will pass . mines didn't even get sent to the lab because it was clean .
  • By David at Apr 5, 2015
    Verified purchase
    Bought this for my friend who got out of the system. He partied one night and his PO had to pee test him a couple days later. So I ordered and gave it to him. He passed his test and didn't get locked up.
  • By vince at Mar 24, 2015
    Verified purchase
    Hint it doesn't clean your system for good it gives you a 5 or 6 hour window where you are clean if you follow the instructions I'm about to give you it will work. I have used this several time to pass a test and has worked every time. I only smoke so it works for cleaning your system of THC can't comment on how it works for other drugs. This is not intended to pass drug test it's meant to start you off on a diet so that is what the instructions on the bottle are meant for. If you drink this stuff followed by like 4 to 6 glasses of water then pee at least twice by your third piss you will be clean for around 5 to 6 hours maybe a little longer. I have used this to get a job, once to pass a test for getting hurt on the job and once to get a promotion and worked every time. (All piss tests not blood tests will not work on blood tests)
  • By hewitt at Feb 12, 2015
    Verified purchase
    WORKS! Heavy smoker for years. I had a piss test at 9:45 today and passed I'll tell ya how. I'm 6'2" tall and a 160 lbs. I smoked a bowl 11 hours before my court appointed test and pissed cold. The night before I drank two pedialytes as fast as I could in order to clear my urine. Before bed (about 2 am) I took 3 325mg aspirin. I woke up periodically throughout the night to pee and every time I did I would drink a glass of water. My alarm for 7:30 and I popped 4 more aspirin then it was time to start the qcarbo process. I began the process at aprox 8:00 am and was done with it at aprox 8:30 am. Waited until about 9:30 and drove to court. After the test the mans exact words were "we're gonna call it good but you were cutting it close, stay away from that stuff". I would recommend a couple days of not smoking before taking your test but with my experience it works only 11 hours after smoking.
  • By Samantha at Dec 16, 2014
    Verified purchase
    For the third time, this kit worked for me. I would not be able to write this review if it hadn't, as I would be in jail. I stopped consuming/breathing toxins a week before using the product(a stark contrast to the multiple times a day kind habit I have had for 9 years). I also weigh 175 lbs, so the drink had its work cut out for it. I drank a LOT of water, ran, and avoided fats for the week, although I did still drink alcohol. I followed the instructions exactly, including not eating that morning and gave my sample on the 3rd pee. About an hour and a half after I finished drinking the drink, my pee was an eerie, neon, yellow color but I was good to go. It appeared to last for another 2 hours or so. I highly recommend this product. (My test was not sent to a lab, it was a simple 7-panel, although it was court ordered.)
  • By yexgirl at Nov 14, 2014
    Verified purchase
    I was given notice for a job that I needed to take a drug test Friday after smoking Monday (I'm a moderate user). I went to and crossed my fingers that this would work and it did! My urine was crazy clear and I passed! Just wanted to share how happy I was with this product for anyone else who may not be given time to "detox" naturally.

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Questions and Answers
  • Q: Can i pass a saliva test with this kit?

    A: This kit is for urine test only. You can pass saliva test with this mouthwash

  • Q: Where are the instructions?

  • Q: I only weigh 100 pounds. Will this product be too strong and mess up my results on the drug test?

    A: It will not mess results, but as your weight is just 100lbs you can use this kit to save money:

  • Q: What will happen if I smoke the same day as I use this kit? Just trying to see how effective it really is

    A: Although some of our customers report that they smoked at the day of the test, used this kit and passed, we recommend to avoid smoking 48 hours before the test.

  • Q: Does it work on Lab Testing/Results?

    A: Yes

  • Q: How long is the product good for before it expires? Example you buy to keep on hand just in case.

    A: The product is good for 1 year.

  • Q: How long does it take before the urine is clean? 5 hours?

    A: It takes 90 minutes before the urine is clean. It will stay clean for up to 5 hours.

  • Q: Does it work for cocaine ?

    A: Yes

  • Q: I'm a heavy smoker and I weigh over 350, I haven't smoked as much as I usually do starting last week and for the past 3 days I haven't smoked at all, if I take this test will it work for me? I'm up for a promotion and I want to have this on hand just in case I have to take one.

    A: Yes,it will work in your case. This kit is designed for heavy smokers and for people with body mass over 200lbs.

  • Q: Will it work for a blood test also?

    A: This is only for urine drug test.

  • Q: If I take the 7 day detox kit and then take this product the day after, will this effect the results of a urine or blood test?

    A: You can use these products together.

  • Q: 5 hours from starting the process or 5 hours once you self test?

    A: 5 hours from starting the process

  • Q: I have a drug test for a job opportunity in 4 days. I smoke a lot but the last couple days I haven't smoked more than a couple bowls. If I don't smoke at all for the next 4 days I should be able to pass right? Drinking water or more water than usual won't hurt my chance of passing will it?

    A: If you use this kit you would be able to pass in your case.

  • Q: I'm light user I been clean for 3 month but smoke a very light several joint will this extra strength work for me I have to drop foot po

    A: Yes it will work for you. In your case you can even use "Regular Kit": this one to save money.

  • Q: How long does this take to ship and do you ship to Canadian address? Also how much for shipping?

    A: You can find all information about shipping and delivery here

  • Q: How many uses are in this kit?

    A: This kit is for single use.

  • Q: Is my urine supposed to turn neon yellow, or no?

    A: QCarbo contains B2 vitamin which will make your urine to turn yellow. After you urinate several times(as stated in directions of use) your urine color will be normal.

  • Q: Does this just mask the thc in your body our does it mask any prescription drugs that are taken as well?

    A: Yes. It masks all toxins including prescription drugs.

  • Q: Can you pass without using the chewable tablets?

    A: You can, but for the best results we recommend you to use the tablets and the drink.

  • Q: What does the drink taste like. I'm queasy when it comes to tastes

    A: The default is Lemon-Lime flavor. You can change it to Cranberry-Raspberry or Strawberry-Mango Flavor - just mention that in the comment field during checkout.

  • Q: Can you just take the chewable tablet?

    A: Sure. But for guaranteed results we recommend to use the entire kit.

  • Q: Does this show up in the lab that you used this product to get clean?

    A: This product is undetectable in the lab, so no one will know that you used it to get clean.

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